The Best Weed Farms in Vermont

Bluntness Team

The cannabis industry has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, especially in tranquil Vermont. These are some of the best farms for marijuana in The Green Mountain State. Stop in and take a tour of the farm, and hang out for some cool social events and even nice meals.

Grassroots Vermont
Brandon, VT
This farm has several different types of medical marijuana for people that were prescribed medical marijuana by their doctor. A person can visit the farm and get the marijuana that they were prescribed. A person can also have the marijuana delivered to their home if they cannot make it to the farm. During the visit, a person needs a prescription for medical marijuana. They can even book an appointment to see the farm and find out what type of medical marijuana is best for their condition.

Johnson Farm
This farm was the first one to be legally open to visitors and people come to this farm to hang out for special events. There are also black tie events that take place at this farm. This farm is open to adult residents of the state that can have up to one ounce in this possession. They can come to the farm and make their purchase. There are different types grown on the property. In addition to making their purchase, a person can come and hang out with other adults that are looking to enjoy the legalization in this state. A person can also buy their own plants for home use. Each household is allowed to have up to two plants.

Weed Farm
Lincoln, VT
This is one of the finest farms in the state. All of the products that are grown at this farm are certified organic and they are taken care of. Some of the products are for medical use and some of them are for recreational use. The plants are raised with plenty of sunlight. In addition to selling the product, there are trails to walk around and enjoy some fun. A person can also pick their own cooking herbs at this farm and enjoy a good meal. There are also tips for growing that are offered from the farm.

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