The Biggest and Best Weed Delivery Services in California

Bluntness Team

Ever since weed was legalized in California there has been an influx of weed delivery services that individuals can utilize to get all of their cannabis needs. From vapes, to tools and flavors individuals can pretty much find anything online, but these three companies are ruling the delivery scene. And to really get you to opt in, they all offer an extensive array of products with quick and convenient delivery time. Most sites even offer discount prices for ordering online.

Eaze is probably one of the most popular marijuana delivery services available in California. They currently serve the bay area as well as Los Angeles and San Diego. The site is very easy to use and offers quick and convenient delivery. Individuals simply visit the website and verify their age. Once you have verified that you are 21 or older they will then ensure that you are in an area that allows you to buy cannabis. For recreational users where marijuana is legal all you need is a state issued ID that verifies your age. For individuals that live in a medical marijuana area only they must provide their medical marijuana card as well. Once it has been verified that the individual can purchase they can then scroll through all of the different products that the website has to offer. They typically offer all of the individuals needs including vaporizers, vaporizer cartridges, Edibles, drops and tablets as well as capsules and even pre-roll packs. After placing an order the delivery service then visits one of their own local retailers to pick up the order. Customers are able to track the delivery so they know exactly when the item will arrive. Overall it is a quick and convenient service.

Flowsent is another one of the most popular weed delivery services in California. Not only do they offer a wide range of unique and interesting flavors but they also offer an abundance of other products. One of the most unique items is their weed subscription boxes which has been filled with the finest cannabis products from all over California and sold at a discount price to the consumer. Flowsent typically serves the Oakland and Sacramento area and can often deliver in just 2 hours or less. Their full menu includes a variety of great cannabis products including Sour Diesel and Starkiller some of the most popular flavors on the market.

M Delivers
M Delivers is a recreational and medical cannabis delivery service that services the Oakland area as well as the greater San Diego area. They offer a wide range of tasty and unique flavors including orange sherbet and orange creamsicle as well as many others. They offer quick and convenient delivery while also offering the consumer a discounted price.

Photo via Eaze