The Coolest Bongs on Instagram

Bluntness Team

Check out these notable glass companies that stand out from the crowd. This is in large part thanks to the unique, and somewhat innovative, bongs that they've been offering for the past few years. With a bit of looking around, and browsing through Instagram, it shouldn't be long before you find something that tickles your fancy.

Radical Concepts

Radical Concepts has been making a name for itself in the past few years for offering customizable bongs to its customers. This isn't limited to the shape and size of the bong itself; Radical Concepts also offers several different colors and designs as standard, each of which can be changed around when you're buying. If you can dream it, then there's a significant chance that the company can create it, with its Instagram profile offering a considerable amount of inspiration.

MOTA Glass

Glass bongs have been becoming increasingly more common as of late. This is a niche that MOTA Glass has been focusing on since being founded. Throughout this time, they've perfected glass bong-work and created a variety of innovative designs ranging from the likes of ducks to lava lamp bongs, and everything in-between.


BRNT offers quite a few different cannabis-related products. However, it's been their bongs that have been helping to turn shoulders. Instead of the sleek, glass look that many companies go for, BRNT has opted for more an angular, sturdy look. With a variety of different colors available, there's a bong for almost everyone.

World Of Bongs

Since being founded, World Of Bongs has been pushing the boundaries when it comes to what can be done with glass bongs. In the past few years, they've released everything from gun-inspired glass bongs to ones that look like replicas of dinosaur skulls. If you're looking for a product that's relatively unique, then World of Bongs has something for you.

AquaLab Technologies

AquaLab Technologies was founded over a decade ago. Since that time, they've perfected the bong-making craft and released quite a considerable range of products. Ranging from the simple to the complicated, there's a design for almost everyone. One of the most prominent is their ice-cream shaped bong, which can be perfect for anybody with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Photo via Instagram