The Essential Gift Guide for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Bluntness Team

By Erica Roane, theBluntness Staff Writer

There are well over a hundred thousand people currently employed by legal pot businesses across the U.S., and they need professional holiday gifts too. Whether you’re an industry outsider shopping for friends opening a dispensary in Colorado, a start-up founder in L.A. looking to reward employees for their hard work or their junior exec. looking to suck up to the boss, there are plenty of gifts that could provide a professional edge, or just a warmed heart, upon receipt.

Here are a few ideas for the weed workers in your world.

Best Bud Books

For anyone looking to innovate in the legal weed market, knowledge of the wide-reaching health benefits of cannabis and the many, many market sectors those benefits are likely to shape for the next several decades, is a must. The modern gold standard for holistic knowledge and philosophical heft is still probably Steve DeAngelo’s 2015 book, The Cannabis Manifesto. DeAngelo’s 360º view on the present and future of weed culture in America is a valuable blueprint for simmering trends, about to boil over.

Just as Weed Biz 101 tracts would be remedial reading material for a canna-biz proprietor, hash brownie how-tos are surely a bit basic for a connoisseur. Edibles, a modern pot cookbook from San Francisco cannabis chefs Stephanie Hua and Coreen Carroll elevates the discussion, instructing gourmet-level treats like gruyère and green garlic gougères or strawberry jam Pavlovas, while taking the precise science of proper dosing into account. It’s great for new product line inspiration, or just high-level home highs.

Interpening Course

Denver’s Trichome Institute provides a deeper level of expertise, training interpeners (or “pot-sommeliers” as they put it) in the fine art of judging cannabis quality without the aid of strain names or lab certifications. Online courses detail cannabis history, science, varietals, and psychotropic effects, while Colorado and California residents can dive in deeper, given in-person instruction in discerning the unique terpene properties of bud types with only an educated sniff or two.

RYOT’s Axe-Pack

With industry meet-ups, conferences, and cannabis cups proliferating across the country, business travel for pot entrepreneurs has become a pressing concern. While TSA checks might make cross-country air-travel tricky for the forseeable future, there are already brands who specialize in easy transport for weed products and their related merch. RYOT’s “Axe-Pack” line of hard-shelled carbon cases provide heavy-duty locks, sections specifically engineered for safe glassware stowage, as well as a proprietary “SmellSafe” tech to disguise dankness, in general.

Identity Links Brand Swag

When the Bud Boss in your life gets where they’re going, an old-fashioned pocketful of customized lighters, pens, or plastic stash bottles might help them make an easy impression. Illinois’ Identity Links have been selling promotional supplies to small companies since the early 70s, and cannabis firms provide their newest niche. Bulk batches mean wholesale prices on a big bag of plastic trinkets to hand out, but fancier items like branded CBD mints, or heavy-weight grinders engraved with a company logo could also make for thoughtful stocking stuffer that a company founder might keep for themselves.

The Au Box

Monthly subscription boxes on myriad themes have been a trendy gift idea for the past few holiday seasons, so it’s only natural that the cannabis industry would opt in. And those working the hardest to conquer the weed market might have the least time to actively shop around, after all. San Francisco’s Au Box is the most luxe marijuana box on the market, shipping classy edibles, balms, pre-rolls, and accessories to your door monthly. For now, the service is sadly only available in San Fran, but for your Bay Area besties, it could be a home run.

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