The Latest Celebs Getting in on the Weed Game

Bluntness Team

Many celebrities have made their position as cannabis users and supporters known for years. But as the medicinal uses of the substance have been recognized on a larger scale, many celebrities have decided to start their own cannabis companies. Check out the latest trio of stars and their cannabis company names.

Post Malone
With a number of major music awards to his credit, Post Malone’s career is definitely on the rise. But if that isn’t enough, the popular rapper is starting up a career in cannabis. Malone has created a line of products under the name Shaboink. The company name is a word that Post uses on a regular basis. The meaning behind it is a slang term for wild love-making between two people. Malone will be officially launching his line of cannabis products on July 4, which is his birthday. The line runs from pre-roll joints, rolling paper, vapes and a full line of accessories.

Jimmy Buffett
Singer Jimmy Buffet has always been synonymous with a laid back, easy-going lifestyle that focuses on having fun. It is no surprise then that while Buffett is getting into the cannabis business he would give it a relaxing name like Coral Reefer.
The line of products will be available through Surterra Wellness Centers which are located in Florida. His goal is to help people have fun by giving them the means to stay healthy so they can do exactly that. Coral Reefer will have a full line of items that include a vaporizer formula, a device that is rechargeable, pods, pens, and other accessories.

Seth Rogen
Comedy movie star, Seth Rogen, is a well-known user of cannabis products. He has used them in most of the movies he has starred in and has been a vocal supporter of legalizing marijuana. Rogen joined forces with his fellow collaborator, Evan Goldberg, and created a cannabis company based in Canada called Houseplant. The duo threw their hat into the marijuana business because they wanted a way for more people to enjoy cannabis. Their company is partnering with Canopy Growth, which is a global cannabis company that believes in the passion and knowledge that Houseplant has behind it.

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