The Next Big Thing: Cannabis Drinks

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The spread of weed these past few test and upcoming years have helped the weed industry a lot because people are replacing cigarettes and alcohol with weed. Many people think the next big thing will be weed drinks, with an estimation of 600 million in sales by the next three years. These companies got in early, and are ready to make a buck on the booming biz.


Brewbudz to wake you up and keep you energized. They are filled with a mix of coffee and actual weed flower, instead of extracts or oils.

Dixie Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs come in five bomb flavors. Each bottle contains 100 milligrams of THC. They suggest consuming serving size be six milligrams. Yum.

Venice Cookie Company Quenchers

This Los Angeles company made a line of weed quenchers with eleven different flavors. The drink ended up representing twenty percent over all in the weed industry for drinks.


Colorado’s best selling products are canna punch. They come as ten milligram shots or 100 milligram bottles. They are gluten-free and all natural. Only high quality bud is used in their presses.

Know Label Wine

Straight from the barrel. They use a different infusing method known as slow cold infusion that gives a smooth taste. The grapes are grown in California, and the weed is from the Santa Cruz Mountains.


A wide range of different drink types for different moods. They have a high energy blend and a relaxation blend. These drinks give you a clear head high with an energy kick.

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