Tom Bourlet Reviews CBD Everything on CBD Sloth

Bluntness Team

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Tom Bourlet of the CBD Sloth blog is a CBD oil advocate and is curious to explore this whole new world. But remaining impartial is integral to the site, in order to offer the best reviews and reports on what to expect. Tom has blended his work in multiple industries, such as travel, beauty and sports nutrition, however, when he came across CBD oil it instantly caught his attention.

We caught up with him to ask everything CBD.

How did you get involved in CBD?
I have had a strong interest in the CBD industry for over a year now, however I found it so incredibly confusing knowing where to start, which brands to trust and how to find the right consumption method. It quickly became clear there was a lack of guidance on the industry and quality checking over products, so I thought this would be interesting to take on myself and now my house seems to be packed full of CBD oil!

What is your mission with CBD Sloth?
To offer greater transparency on the CBD industry, from reviewing various products, to discussing the political situations and legislation and advising on the best carrier oils for CBD oil or how to get the optimal results. I would love to walk away knowing I have helped people to take the step into the CBD industry without feeling nervous or being bought in by a marketing ploy of a low-quality brand.

Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years?
That’s a really good question, not something I thought about until this exact moment. I’d like to think the blog would have evolved with the industry, as it is ever-changing and adjusting to barriers and growing in acceptance by the masses. I’d like to have increased my knowledge drastically in the understanding of what happens in the 3rd party lab testing to help guide my visitors on what to look out for and how to know whether a brand has the supposed dosage they state they have in their bottles.

What's the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis space and the biggest reward?
The biggest challenge is largely the perception, either by the media, the public or by advertising avenues. My Pinterest account was closed within the first week for having CBD oil reviews, despite there being an abundance of CBD boards and accounts. My first CBDsloth Instagram account was also suspended, so I had to start again.

With the Google Medic update and the issues around talking about CBD in any way other than as a food supplement, it can be difficult to communicate properly on the website without breaking any rules. For brands, they cannot advertise on Google ads, Facebook ads or sell their products on Amazon.

For that reason, they have to turn to bloggers and influencers to try their products and offer genuine reviews, which is a positive for me as they are more open to dialogue. The biggest reward is receiving an email or a message from someone that has made a huge change in their life, whether it’s dealing with chronic back pain or anxiety, through the usage of CBD oil and that they started by reading a post on your site.

It is heart-warming to read and still a little surreal when it happens.