Top 5 Cannabis Brands in Michigan

Bluntness Team

Straight out of Michigan, here are the state's top weed brands.

Homegrown Cannabis Company

This brand located in Lansing, is one of the largest bud producing companies in Michigan. They have a huge catalog of strains available. This company also has a grow company located in Las Vegas. Not only does their buds contain high levels of THC, but contain high levels of CBD as well. Homegrown provides the highest quality of buds for affordable prices.

Detroit Provisioning Company

Medical marijuana facility located in Detroit. This company offers and wide range of products such as flower, vaping products, and edibles. In order to purchase from this provider, you must be a medical patient residing in Michigan.


Offers their customers tools and specialist advice that will assist in understanding many types of strains that help with their private needs and ailments. Skymint not only serve Michigan's locals, but serves out-of-state customers as well. They have many locations including Ann Harbor, Flint, Bay City, Nunica, White Cloud, and Newaygo. This company offers customers the opportunity to purchase items such as pre-rolls, cartridges, and extracts among many other products offered.

Herbal Solutions

Their caring and knowledgeable team will consult with you to ascertain what kinds of medication will be most suitable for your particular condition and requirements. Most would think this company sells the typical marijuana products as all other companies, but what people don't know is that they also sell bath and body products that are loaded with the best antioxidants and properties that marijuana have to offer. They offer a rewards program to those who have a membership with them. Herbal Solutions independently offer their products to the public as well as local businesses. PSI Labs supply Herbal Solutions evaluation results on every item analyzed so that they're certain they possess the highest grade of marijuana merchandise out there.


Located in Kalamazoo, this marijuana heaven is one that will surely knock you off your feet. Their employees are very friendly and helpful. Based on customer reviews, Cannamazoo has the best quality marijuana products on the market. Though their products are something to brag about, people can't seem to stop praising this company's store designs and atmosphere. You can't go wrong with and place that feels like home.

It's a great idea to check around to make sure you're getting the quality you need. As soon as you've found the brand which you believe will meet your standards, you'll have the ability to obtain the merchandise that you want and find brands that could provide you with an endless list of quality products.