Top 5 Cannabis Strains in Illinois

Bluntness Team

On January 2nd 2020, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. On the first day, Illinois cannabis seller's raked in almost $3.2 million in one day. To say the least, that is monumental for the industry. So what is driving such high demand that produces this kind of revenue? As product shortages inundate the industry in this state, one could wonder what types of products are driving this type of demand. There are five top-rated brands worth mentioning.

Gelato - This hybrid strain of marijuana is a cross between the indica and sativa strains. It gives the feel of a relaxing and sedative effect coupled with an energizing sensation inherent with the sativa strain. The flavors combined a minty and fruity taste and is highly rated among users. While this statement has not been rated by medical experts, consumers have reported this strain helps with stress and anxiety.

G6 - Having an overall cerebral effect, the G6 buds have a dominant jet fuel smell. Other fragrant undertones include citrus and earth tone smells. Reviews suggest this bud gives a blissful body relaxation that can last more than 2 hours.

DJ Short Flo - It's been said this train was initially cultivated by a breeder in Springfield, Il. The effects of this bud are energizing and was rated the number one Cannabis Cup winner of 1996. While all these statements have not been supported by any medical findings, it has been known to help with issues such as seizures and pain. This bud is not overwhelming and has an effect that is evenly balanced. It gives you the chill factor but still allows you to be functional. Well balanced, this strain is good for daytime use.

The Lime Sorbet - Highly recommended statewide, lime sorbet is considered a top shelf strain. This bud sends your body into a deep state of relaxation and gives a euphoric feeling. While the main effect is relaxing and chilling, it's known to have medicinal properties as well. With flavors of earthy sweetness and key lime, this bud is highly rated and recommended among users.

The Cherry Hash - This strong bold strain is said to be a harsher bud in comparison to other strains. With a unique flavor combination of tropical fruit and mothballs, this hash has a THC content of 22.6%. This extremely potent strain will relax and sedate you making it a very cerebral choice. The reviews suggest the strain helps with insomnia, pain and depression. It is from the Afghani and Northern Lights lineage and is popular among those looking for a super-chill experience.

The brands listed above are just a few that are widely sold in the state of Illinois. These top-rated strains give a variety of effects ranging from relaxing and energizing to cerebral and sedative. It is projected there will be a shortage of marijuana products in the state for the next year. With other brands such as Forbidden Fruit, Purple Punch and Buddha Diesel, there is no wonder the state of Illinois is experiencing a shortage.