Want to Become a Budtender in California? Here’s How

Bluntness Team

If you were lucky enough to start working in the medical marijuana business early on, you lucked out. Nowadays, it is a lot harder to become a budtender compared to when marijuana was first starting to become legalized years ago. That being said, it is still very much a possibility for you to become a budtender if you put in the right time, dedication and effort.

An outstanding budtender is someone who is deeply knowledgeable about medical marijuana, knows the ins and outs of the product, and is able to be friendly and courteous to customers who come to the dispensary. If you think you have what it takes and wish to become a budtender in California, keep reading below to find out exactly what you need to do to make that happen.

Visit Local Dispensaries
The first thing you should do is visit local dispensaries in the area to see how they run their business. Ask the budtenders inside about what they are carrying in stock, some of the popular choices amongst their customers, how they were able to attain their position, and any other helpful advice that could help you achieve the same position they have.

Go to Cannabis Conventions
Just like any other job in life, who you know is crucial to obtaining the job position you want. Networking is important to making the right connections in the industry and conventions are jam-packed with the type of people you want to rub shoulders with! There are well over 100 cannabis conventions around the world that you can attend, with many of them residing in the United States.

Enroll in a Budtender Course
Knowledge is crucial in the cannabis industry. Learning new trends, the differences between the different strands, and the logistics involved to make a dispensary run smoothly are paramount. This requires a lot of studying, hard work, and a willingness to learn from others. Enrolling in a course may cost some money, but it is money well spent.

There are several courses to choose from, such as Trichome Institute Budtender Training, Cannabis Trainers’ Sell-SMaRT, Cannabis Training Institute (CTI) and Green CulturED Online Cannabis Education. The right education paired with the right connections of people in the industry will greatly help you get the budtender job you are looking for. Don’t get discouraged by failure and be relentless in your pursuit to becoming the best budtender in all of California!

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