We Want to Publish Your Blunt Take

Bluntness Team

What do you think about the state of cannabis today? Do you closely follow the cannabis industry and have thoughts, ideas, solutions, and/or complaints? We want to know your opinions. And, we want to publish them right here on TheBluntness.com.

What are we looking for?
TheBluntness.com is a place for people to say what they mean, openly, candidly and bluntly. It’s a place where people can express their opinions, observations, experiences and concerns about the ever-changing world of weed. We publish industry voices about topical and controversial topics; We ask the tough questions; We initiate the conversations, even if uncomfortable. We share a lot of ideas and opinions of our own and now we want to hear yours.

*Your experience, observation, concern or opinion about something you feel strongly about within the cannabis space.

*Articles should focus on topical and/or controversial topics and/or share a very strong point of view.

*500-800 words

What is a Blunt Take? A few of our favorite examples:
Verify This: Instagram's War on Cannabis Gaslights, Penalizes Legal Brands

Dr. Phil’s Bad Medical Marijuana Advice: Far More Dangerous Than Vaping Could Ever Be

Tell us what you’re thinking.
Submit your idea to us, along with a short bio, to editorial@thebluntness.com.