Weed Woman: Harlee Case of Ladies of Paradise

Bluntness Team

Harlee Case is co-owner and creative director of the women-run Ladies of Paradise. If you don’t know her yet (are you living under a rock??), she’s a sincere babe running things in the cannabis world and it’s time you get on board.

We chatted with Harlee to discuss the booming weed biz.

Tell us about all the cool things you’re doing in cannabis.

Ladies of Paradise is a full service female owned and operated creative agency working in the cannabis space. Along with that we throw cannabis consumption events, have a retail location to support small, women-owned companies, and have a pre roll line called Lady Jays in Oregon.

Ladies of Paradise works to uplift, unite, and educate individuals in an effort to normalize cannabis by means of fashion, community and culture.

Through our women-positive retail store, themed cannabis events, and community of women of all shapes, sizes, and colors, we aim to elevate the aesthetic and remove the stigma from cannabis and the people who make up this community. What motivates me is my team. There’s nothing like working around a positive group of women.

What’s it like being a woman in the cannabis space?

It’s a strange place to be. Being a woman in any industry is difficult AF. I feel lucky enough to be in Portland where there is a strong sense of female community in the industry. Just like in really any industry being a woman means constantly having to prove yourself. I genuinely feel women have to work harder than men for the most part to even be seen.

Any advice for weed entrepreneurs?

My advice to cannabis entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to do things your own way, don't give up at your first failure, and to work with women. We are constantly having to jump threw crazy hoops in this industry.

So many laws are against us and it takes a lot of troubleshooting to figure out legal ways to work in cannabis. We recently had our merchant services and quickbooks shut down for selling CBD. It’s a strange place to navigating right now, but well worth it.

Photos via Instagram