10 Cannabis Health and Wellness Influencers to Follow Right Now

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Need some inspiration? Take a look at these health and wellness weed gurus on the internet to aspire to be your best self.

Some of our favorites:

Tommy Chong

If you ever smoked a joint, then you more than likely are familiar with Tommy Chong. He's an actor, comedian, and cannabis activist who is known best for his hippie free-love attitude and being part of the Grammy award-winning comedy duo Cheech and Chong. There's no one who appreciates cannabis more than Tommy Chong; he even has his own hemp-based CBD product line. If you already follow Tommy on Instagram, then you know he's all about marijuana, from memes to photos, and what you need to know about the legalization of cannabis.


Gil Polard, the creator of The HerB Life Blog and Magazine and High Friends Podcast, which provides the female perspective on cannabis. Gil Polard continues to advocate the legalization of marijuana and co-founded The Vancouver Island Women Grow Chapter.

Phil Depault

Phil Depault, co-founder of the online retailer staymaitri, a cannabis brand that provides accessories and uses cannabis to promote a healthier lifestyle. Follow his Instagram series "Faces of Cannabis".


If you've read High Times Magazine, then SativaBall needs no introduction. She's a High Times alum, cannabis activist, and visual artist. With over 8k followers her Instagram has a blissful anesthetic, which makes you want to sit back, relax, and roll a joint.

The Dank Duchess

The Dank Duchess, writer, Cultivator, media personality and the self-proclaimed Queen of Hashish. With over 28k followers, her feed will keep you up to date on everything you need to know about growing, trimming, and of course dabbing


The Cohong is a collective located in East Oakland, led by CEO and founder Scott Bonagofsky, where they host one of the best cannabis distribution menus in the state and product showcases for dispensary buyers. There Instagram will keep you up to date on new products and deals.


GreenBodhi isn't like the rest of the influences on the list; they don't sell anything and aren't involved in any financial activities having to do with cannabis. Instead, GreenBodi is all about the horticulture of cannabis, getting down to basics, and teaching you everything you need to know about growing. With over 90k followers, there feed will make you appreciate all the individual components of the cannabis plant, from buds, flowers, and trichomes, while also educating you about the environment and the sustainability aspects of the plant.


420BookSociety is a new account, but it's definitely an influencer worth following, introducing a variety of different books on cannabis, educating the reader with everything they need to know about marijuana. 420BookSociety features a variety of different books which are available in most mainstream bookstores; all of which are centered on cannabis education.


Creativity and cannabis go hand in hand; Ashboogeydotcom, which is the brainchild of sweetchibababyspeaks features a variety of unique cannabis inspired clothing and various wearable art. Their Etsy shop has a plethora of different cannabis related accessories, including pins, sunglasses, and earrings.

Jessica Catalano

Jessica Catalano, who is often referred to as the OG Cannabis Chef, is one of the top cannabis chefs in the country. With over 15k followers her feed features plenty of cannabis inspired goodies and eatables, which makes her certainly worth following.

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