10 CBD Sex Products Ruling the Health and Wellness Industry

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It seems like cannabis products are everywhere. Legalization has made it less taboo to experiment and try out remedies and supplements that are infused with or made up of cannabis elements. From pain management to help with anxiety, cannabis products claim to bring you relief. Sexual wellness is no stranger to claims CBD products can help and there is a wide range of choices out there to help you with issues such as low libido or pain during sex.

The science is still out on whether or not there is scientific proof that cannabis can help with problems in the bedroom. However, some people swear by them and since many are oils, it couldn’t hurt to try one out. Even if it doesn’t, you can still at least get some good foreplay and a relaxing massage. This list gives you a few products we have found to be some of the top ones out there...the products people just keep buying.

  1. Foria Awaken
    Foria Awaken is composed of 9 different naturally occurring plant-based aphrodisiacs. It is specifically formulated for women to increase sensations and will also provide relaxation and lubrication. It is all-natural and organically grown in the United States.
  2. Quim- Night Moves
    Quim has created oil that is meant to intensify sensations by using cannabis to increase blood flow to your lady parts and give your libido a lift. It is also created by women for use by women. Thus, they have made sure that it even acts as a vaginal health supplement. So, besides using it during sex, you can also use it as a daily care routine for your vagina.
  3. Velvet Swing
    Velvet Swing is a water-soluble lubricant that has been enhanced with cannabis. Their formula also contains both terpene and THC. This combination will increase blood flow, heighten sensations, and increase orgasm intensity. It is also latex safe and can be diluted if needed and to find your perfect dose.
  4. Kush Queen- Ignite
    Ignite is one of the few lubricants that work instantly instead of having to wait 10 to 20 minutes to kick in. It is also not coconut oil based like others so it is latex safe and will not alter your body’s PH.
  5. Privy Peach
    Privy Peach is another lubricant that is for female use. It is perfect for those with more sensitive skin. The product comes in single-serve packets which makes dosage and clean up simple. It stimulates your own lubrication process, increases sensitivity, and reduces discomfort. It is not latex compatible but it comes in a semi-solid state that melts when it contacts the heat of your body which can make application erotic in itself.
  6. Knob Polish
    Knob Polish is a male geared lube that is water-based and infused with cannabis. Potency tested, this lubricant will give you exactly what it claims- elevated lubrication.
  7. Bella- Aqua D’Amore
    Aqua D’Amore is a water-based cannabis-infused lubricant that can be used with a condom, barrier contraceptives, or sex toys. Aqua D’Amore is meant to mimic your own lubrication for a natural feel. It is very affordably priced so everyone can afford to try it out.
  8. Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil
    Sexy Time is a blend of jasmine, coconut, cannabis, and Argan oil. It is lightweight and nourishes your skin. The scent acts as an instant aphrodisiac. It heightens arousal with enhanced blood flow, is all natural, and vegan.
  9. CaraGold by Good Clean Love
    CaraGold contains CBD for heightened experiences and better blood flow. It also has carrageenan which is a red algae that is effective in helping to inhibit HPV. CaraGold is also made from certified organic hemp oil.
  10. Cannabombz
    Cannabombz is a lube composed of grape seed oil, coconut oil, sensual oils (CBD, some mints, maybe cinnamon), and the website says, magic. Many claim this is a good choice for those who experience sensitive pH issues and skin.

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