10 Trailblazing Women Changing the CBD Game

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We're kicking off Women's History Month with a series of features shining a light on the women killing it in cannabis. First up, are the CBD game-changers!


In a craze that's spreading like wildfire, CBD is infiltrating the cannabis wellness market. From easing period pain to soothing anxiety, the potential uses of cannabis are seemingly endless, and women in particular are gravitating to the magic of CBD. And while most of us know the women buying the products, do you know the women creating them?

If not, you absolutely should. Check out this list of ten incredible ladies who are changing the face of the industry as fast as we can talk about it.

In no particular order:

1. Jasmin Thomas
In December 2015, Jasmin was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Not satisfied with more conventional methods, she began her investigation into the benefits of cannabis-based treatment. Thrilled with her results, she shared her balms with friends and family. And thus was the founding of Ohana, a skin care company that uses topical products to provide relief right where it's needed. Today, they carry a variety of formulas, each composed of gentle plant-based materials. Follow here to keep up with all of the newest Ohana creations.

2. Brittany Carbone
When her busy lifestyle was confronted with anxiety and depression, Brittany knew that something had to be done. Unable to risk the side effects of pharmaceutical medications, she sought to create her own remedy. With her innovative combination of CBD oil and ashwagandha root, TONIC was born. Check out their full range of products on the website, or follow them on Instagram.

3. Jessica Peters
After a practically lifelong battle with her period, Jessica was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. With the looming possibility of a partial hysterectomy, and finding the side effects of hormonal therapy unbearable, she began her own research through her work at a dispensary. Her company, Moxie Meds, now focuses on remedies made by women, for women, with reproductive health at the forefront. Check out their Twitter to stay informed.

4. Amy Yamamura
Amy is the creative director of Wildflower, a Vancouver-based company that is the minimalist's dream. In 2011, just after her arrival in Canada from Tokyo, the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) were issued. Seeing an opportunity, she and her partner William MacLean set out to create something great. Today, Wildflower sells a variety of products, including their own line of vaporizers. Check out their Instagram for all of the latest updates.

5. Shae Whitney
In 2011, Shae and her partner/husband Brady Becker set out to create a line of cocktail bitters that were not only crafted from real plants, but were also good for your digestive health. Eight years later, DRAM Apothecary now also boasts a unique line of sparkling water infusions that are both gut-friendly and delicious. Click here to keep up with their creative journey.

6. Nadya Pecherskaya
Nadya is the definition of the millennial woman: Ambitious, hardworking, and exhausted. Not willing to let her potential be hindered by stress, she took remedying it into her own hands. Her company, Icaria, is designed for female professionals like her, who have no time to let stress hold them back from living their best lives. Follow here to see what they're up to next.

7. Amy Duncan
When her husband encountered a second battle with a malignant brain tumor, Amy was determined to help him fight it. Utilizing her experience running a genetics laboratory, she delved into researching ways to provide him with scientifically tested and pure cannabis materials to aid in his recovery. Today, Mowellans maintains that same dedication to the purity of their products that started it all. Learn more about their journey by following them here.

8. Cindy Capobianco
Upon moving to San Francisco in 2000, Cindy found her first encounters with dispensaries to be lacking at best. Dissatisfied with the inconsistency of the market, she set out to create something more reliable. In present-day, Lord Jones carries all things hemp happy, from skin care products to scrumptious edible treats. Check out their full array of products on Instagram.

9 & 10. Ashley Lewis and Meredith Shroeder
Once employees of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, Ashley and Meredith teamed up to create a beauty site of their own, one specifically for hemp enthusiasts. French for "flower market," Fleur Marché now carries everything from bath bombs to topical patches, and "kits" designed to aid in anything from period pain to getting a good night's rest. See the latest of their gorgeous products here.

With so many ingenious women leading the way, it seems that cannabis just might become a girl's next best friend.

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