3 Best Marijuana Strains for Beginners

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Just because this is the top best 3 Marijuana strains for beginners, doesn’t mean they’re the only ones. They are so many different types and strains of marijuana, just like there are different categories of strains. The most common classic categories of marijuana are: sativa, Indica, and hybrid.

Sativa is the type of strain that is supposed to give you energy, so like an upper, while Indica is more for the deep body relaxation. Although, hybrids are neither an upper or a downer, it is actuation a mix of both.

These three strains are recommended for new comers because they are great and doesn’t just have an upper or downer, they have both so its more elevated. They are recommended because they all are sativa-dominate hybrids. All three of them are a mix of relaxing body highs that aren’t too overwhelming, but they all also still provide stimulating mental relaxation. All the strains are please relaxers but, they are elevating your mood as well.

For some people who have experienced anxiety before or are initially nervous, strains with a higher CBD percentage is recommended.

Blue Dream
Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Which means even though its dominant is a sativa strain it will still give you both an uplifting and relaxed feeling. This strain, considering it is a hybrid will take away any stress or tension you may have but it will also heighten your mood. Blue Dream also have a berry scent for a nicer treat when you try it.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies is also another hybrid strain. Over the past few years this strain has grown some popularity to it. This plant will leave you feeling at ease and relaxed from the Indica that gives you the body relaxation vibe but also energy from the Sativa.

Trainwreck is a hybrid but a Sativa-dominant as well. Some people claim that this strain can be a bit potent but considering it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid it still can be moderately balanced. This strain of Trainwreck will provide you with a much greater sense of relaxation and energy then Blue Dream or Girl Scout Cookies because it is more of a Sativa than they are. For a new comer, this could be a good strain to start off with considering the uplifting mental activity.

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