3 Cannabis Brands That Have Full Spectrum Products

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Medical cannabis has been legalized across a number of states and they are not just products. A lot of research and studies has gone into understanding medical cannabis and as a result, many products have been developed. The products are categorized according to CBD and THC content. When you it comes to full spectrum CBD, it means an extract that is a mixture of all naturally-occurring compounds in the plant including essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. There are several companies that make full spectrum weed products, and these are our faves.

Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch is a leading cannabis brand in California which deals with full spectrum oil. The company adopted a science-forward approach that has earned it impressive reputation among recreational as well as medical consumers. Kushy Punch’s gummies that have high potency and low calorie leverage full-spectrum oil with cannabinoid to give you one big knockout punch that will make you a winner. Some of the company’s gummy line include hybrid (tropical punch), sativa (strawberry), private reserve (pink lemonade), indica (plum), KushyCBD (Peach), and Recover (black and blue raspberry).

The company’s KushyVape are rich-in blend of essential oils, cannabis, and terpenes to deliver the best taste as well as unmatched potency. KushyVape has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies. It came as a result of innovations that the company has invested in.

Papa and Barkeley

This is another company that make full spectrum weed products. Their satisfied customers have attested to the company’s abilities to develop products for pain relief and other uses. The cannabis-based medicine can be used to relief back pain. Back pains are common among the elderly and many have attested to the efficiency of cannabis-based medicine in relieving back pain.

The company captures a family setting where love and care prevails in their products. The products Papa and Barkeley has been able to develop have been inspired by a son’s desire to ease his father’s pain. It captures the unconditional love as well as support in the products they develop. Papa & Barkeley is a group of scientists, caregivers, as well as professionals looking to harness the power of cannabis to improve the lives of people in the community. It makes products for families’ use. Their products are safe and reliable, having been naturally sourced from the whole plant. The products are completely solvent free and they come in various ratios of THC and CBD depending on conditions.


Kazmira LLC is a leading manufacturer of full spectrum CBD oil that is THC free, water soluble CBD and broad spectrum CBD isolate. The company leverages a TruSpeKtrum technology platform to produce products which has about 80% concentration of CBD. They also provide high purity full spectrum CBD oil of any given potency without THC. Additionally, the company’s products are free of solvent residues, pesticides, and heavy metals. The company prides itself in providing access to THC-free CBD to the world. The company lies between biotechnology and manufacturing excellence.

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