3 Classic Weed Strains from California

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These are the top 3 marijuana strains in California...for your enjoyment.

The top strain popular in California for a while now has been Blue Dream. This strain is Sativa-dominant, but hybrid combining Blueberry indica with sativa haze. Blue Dream works by balancing the relaxation of your entire body and giving you a calm euphoria. The strain is used as a daily medicine for those suffering from depression, pain and more due to having quick relief of symptoms while not having you sedated. Anyone looking for relaxation would really miss out on not looking into Blue Dream.

Another top strain is called GSC, meaning Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison which has grown to become a large strain even outside of California. GSC features a sweet and earthy aroma meant to bring you into full-body relaxation. The strain has different phenotypes you can choose from such as Thin Mint or Platinum Cookies, which alter the appearance and effect. The base appearance of GASC is a twisting green outside wrapped in purple and orange. If you need full-body relaxation and Blue Dream isn't for you, heavily consider picking up GSC.

The last of the top 3 strains in California is Sour Diesel. This strain has been famous all around the United States long since the 90's where it's thought that it was finally created in California from the Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk strains which originated on the east coast. This strain is known for helping bring long-lasting relief for stress, pain, and depression while being fast-acting. Sour Diesel's name comes from the aroma of the strain being pungent and smelling like diesel. While other strains will come to popularity in the future, the Sativa-dominant strain known as Sour Diesel will also be popular in some circles.

As the marijuana industry expands into new strain development and the usage of modern technology to make getting marijuana as easy as possible, you'll always want to check around to see what strains are the best. California has other very popular strains such as Jack Herer and Skywalker OG that you should check out if you're into marijuana. Whether you're a long-time or new marijuana user though, checking out Blue Dream, GSC, or Sour Diesel is a great idea.

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