4 Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

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There are various strains of marijuana out in the world that can relieve pain. First let's start with the two main substances that make up marijuana, which both have different roles in the body.

THC is the most active ingredient in marijuana, and it gives you those psychological effects (the “high”) you feel when you use marijuana. CBD is the second main component in marijuana. CBD Is the substance that has multiple health benefits without giving you any psychological effects, in fact there are studies that suggest CBD is the substance responsible for pain relief.

If you want more of a high feeling, you will want to go with a strain high in THC, or more of a non-high feeling, you will want to go with a strain that has higher levels of CBD in it.

This strain hits you with both THC and CBD to give you very effective pain relief. Generally, when strains are mixed with both THC and CBD, those make for the most effective strains of marijuana for pain relief.

Blackberry Kush
This strain works by the amount of THC that is in it. This strain will give you a feeling of euphoria and put you in a dreamy state while drifting your pain away.

Blue Widow
This strain helps pain because it is an anti-inflammatory AND a pain reliever, together this strain packs a major punch on pain relief. One great thing about this strain of marijuana, is that it will not give you a ton of psychological effects (make you high) because the THC in it is only around 12 to 17 percent. This strain works well enough at pain relief that it is well known in the medical community.

Bubba Kush
This strain can help relieve some of the most severe pain (bad migraines, multiple sclerosis, and muscle tension for example) and bodily aches. This strain works by relaxing the body. This strain might not be the best strain to take during the day though, considering it makes you drowsy.

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