4 Best Strains of Marijuana That Help You Sleep

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When sleep is hard to come by, there are strains of marijuana that can help you. Marijuana is a gentle healing herb that can lull a full-grown adult to sleep. Sleeping with a chemical sleep aid may not prevent you from feeling like you have brain fog. Marijuana can slow racing thoughts while helping physical pain melt away. Muscles can relax even as they deliver sleep chemicals that help you fall as well as stay asleep. Bear in mind that a marijuana tincture or an edible can help you stay asleep very well. Aged cannabis can have greater sleep effects than the flowered kind.

You need to determine whether it is anxiety or pain keeping you up. Determining which is what can help you figure out what you need to be doing to fall asleep. Smoking or vaporizing can be what yields fast acting side-effects that can keep a tense body relaxed.

Try these:

God's Gift
God’s Gift, for example, is classified as indica, which calms the body, and can be very helpful with the type of stress that keeps you up at night. You can exhale tasting berry as well as citrus. This strain is as helpful as medication in knocking you out so that you can wipe out the stress in your head. God’s Gift, however, can produce extreme happiness.

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights strain of indica is another strain of marijuana that is helpful to induce sleep. Northern Lights causes a deep sleep that cannot be interrupted. While it has a high THC content, this strain can destroy pain as well as insomnia. A mere hit of Northern Lights can cause 9 hours of sleep to happen. Medical marijuana is quite helpful when it comes to being used for pain or good sleep.

Querkle is a medicine that can attack insomnia with anxiety. Nausea can be kept at bay, while depression also disappears. It creates a calm, tranquil mindset so as to have sleep come faster. It causes relaxation so that your body can eventually fall asleep with less effort. The last strain discussed is Skywalker, good for nighttime anxiety or panic. It leads to cure those who have anxiety or panic attacks that are the root cause of most sleep problems.

This strain is a combination of Dutch Passion seeds mixed with Blueberry and Mazar that creates a relaxed high, clearing the mind while relaxing the body. Skywalker is great at relieving insomnia caused by anxiety. Medical marijuana, when used properly, can cure difficult health problems that medicine cannot find a ready solution for. Marijuana tinctures are not like smoking the plant though, as a tincture is an extract made with alcohol, as the most common chemical used to break down both acidic and basic components of the plant materials used in the making of it. With marijuana tincture, you can feel the effects immediately, making a tincture a safe way to consume marijuana by-products.

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