4 Really Clever-Named Weed Strains

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We couldn't help ourselves...check out the most cleverly named weed names in the biz:

CannaSutraThis strain combines the name "Cannabis, meaning weed, with the name "Karma Sutra" which refers to the infamous book about sex. The type is a 70/30 Indica dominant strain. The strain is named this way because it supposedly helps you feel everything more strongly through your senses for when you have intimate times with others. It helps you feel calm but leaves your mind clear. The title is clever because it combines the two words together in a way that strangely works.


This is another "portmanteau" word, combining two other words into one. It combines a common nickname for weed, namely "dope," with "opium." This name is also super cool because it just sounds like something positive you could say about literally anything, especially something that you were addicted to in general. It's easy to imagine describing a music album as "dopium." It's named this way because it supposedly has a strong "chill out" effect. The strain combines ChemDawg with Sour Diesel. It apparently also has a distinctive smell.

Bubba Kush

This strain is Indica, and it happens to be one of the most popular strains. It also happens to have a gnarly sounding name. It's known for making you sleepy and it has a "hashish" taste to it. The name comes from a strain called OG Kush and one that people just tended to call "Bubba." The name sounds like a cheap American version of kush though, which is why it's so cool sounding and really rolls of the tongue. It became super popular in California.


Once again it's a combo word with "catatonic" and "cannabis" being pushed together to make a cool sounding name. It's also often in top ten lists for a reason. People call it this because it has one of the largest concentrations for CBD ever. So it works wonders for people who need it for medical purposes. It also sounds like a great way to describe how it will make you feel. Drifting off into a blissful catatonic cannabis high like no other.

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