5 Cannabis Strains to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Bluntness Team

Cannabis does not always have to taste earthy and bitter. Cannabis can satisfy a sweet tooth. There are some sweet flavors that a person may try when they are in the mood for something sweet.

Strawberry Cough
This is an award-winning strain of cannabis and the name tells that it has the taste similar to a strawberry. A person gets the taste of the strawberry on their tongue right away and there is a berry aftertaste. This will leave a sweet taste in the mouth which satisfies a craving for something sweet. Think strawberry shortcake!

Hello to this berry strain that has a sweet taste. There are new strains of the blueberry being created such as Blueberry Cheesecake but many people like the classic blueberry taste. The mouth will be left with the blueberry aftertaste with a hint of vanilla. Basically a blueberry muffin bomb in your mouth. 

This taste is known as the citrus delight. It combines different citrus flavors with all of the sweetness and only a hint of the tartness. Many say that this taste like a sweet orange from California. This strain will have the scent of fresh citrus so a person needs to be prepared for the intense aroma. They will also experience the sweet taste right away. There is a hint of mango in this strain and some say that the orange overpowers the other flavors. It is fresh and clean.

XJ the Mysterious Strain
This strain is a cross between several fruits. This will allow it to have a good taste and a nice smell. This strain has been described as creamy. There is a citrus taste mixed with pine. There is also the taste of lemons, limes, and pears. There is a pleasant aftertaste. While some people say that the aroma of this strain is a little sour it does leave a sweet taste in the mouth. Yum!

Fruity Pebbles
It does not get much sweeter than this. Just the name alone says that there is a sugary taste to this strain, and just like your favorite childhood cereal. The strain is both tropical and fruity. The taste is a mixture of fresh wild berries and there will be a topical aftertaste. Each time a person inhales they will taste a new fruit flavor.

These sweet strains will allow a person to enjoy all of the benefits without the bitter taste. Any of these strains will leave a sweet and pleasant taste behind after use.


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