5 Inspiring Women in Medical Marijuana

Bluntness Team

Women in the medical marijuana industry are working all angles from the funding side to the growing and production side to push cannabis forward. Here are a few of our favorite medical cannabis trailblazers.

Herbalist Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

Lakisha Jenkins is an Herbalist who uses her doctoral degree to reach out to people who need better healthcare. She knows how to use cannabis in a way that is helpful to those who have pain, anxiety, or simply do not know how they will recover from headaches or surgery. She works on ways to use the leaves of the plant to treat people and make them feel well. She is approaching this subject in the purest manner possible.

Tahira Rehmatullah

Tahira is an expert in business, and she wants to be sure that people have the money they need to get off the ground. There are a number of people who would like to get some money to help their businesses. You can change the way that you manage your own company, and you will get a lot of help from Tahira to make their business a success. The funding aspect of the world of growing and selling requires that people have money to process these products, to bottle, label, and sell on the mass market. These companies need to have facilities that are easy to manage, and they can get money from Tahira to do just that.

Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters has her own company that makes the best cannabis products packaged in new ways. She likes to help people with the way that they manage their medical conditions, and she gives people the best chance of recovering with legal medications they can smoke or use in different infused (amazing) products.

Priscilla Vilchis

The Premium Produce brand was built by Priscilla Vilchis to help people get the exact kinds of products they need to recover from their medical conditions. She wants people to feel better because they are using her products, and she wants them to feel like they have real options ads they attempt to treat their own conditions instead of just using the standard medications on the market.

Shanita Penny

Shanita founded Budding Solutions to change both the perception of cannabis as a drug and the reality that is the lack of diversity in this industry. She wants people to know that marijuana can be solution for many medical conditions. She wants to guide people to a place where they will be able to recover from the medical problems they have had, and she also wants people to feel comfortable as they use cannabis.

Photo of Tahira Courtesy of Marley Natural


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