5 Most Popular Marijuana Strains for Relaxation

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Weed is said to help with different stress related issues, diseases, and disorders and all different types of illnesses. There are many weed strains that have been produced. They have over thousands that they have all together. They have strains for different problems. Weed has helped with over 1 million cases for different issues.

OG Kush is one of the biggest names in the cannabis business. OG Kush has been around for a long time, and has proven ultra chill. OG Kush is set to chill you out, with 55% sativa, and 45% Indica. It is known as being popular for being therapeutic and very relaxing. The downfall of OG Kush is that it gets you very sleepy.


Train wreck is a strain of cannabis that is set to make you feel very comfortable and way relaxed. It said to be mixed with northern California genetics. OG Kush has different flavors mixed in it, said to be lemon and pine. Trainwreck is a great strain for smokers who casually smoke throughout the day and can get average everyday chores finished.


Blue dream is a weed strain of cannabis that set to make you feel chilled out. If you like a head and body combination of pure relaxation then you would like Blue Dream. Blue Dream is the perfect example of Blue Berry and a mix of Haze. Blue Dream is developed in Northern California. It's usually sweet and formal berry, and a hint of Haze (like I said before). It's said to be a strong sense of body relaxation and bit of pain relief.


Now this weed is popular among everyone's choice of cannabis. Girl scout cookies is a cannabis that won't melt exactly in your mouth, but it was bred in San Francisco California. It is called Girl Scout Cookies because it has a sweet, and oven baked smell, just like a girl scout cookie. It's set to treat anxiety and depression. The common effect of the girl scout cookie is it's dry effect. Falling asleep is going to happen with this specific cannabis is smoked.


Bubba Kush is the weed that is known for relaxation. It has a known hash-like flavor smell. It has the following flavors of spicy, coffee-like, herbal, floral, earthiness, and many more. It is said to help those who are fighting depression and anxiety. It also helps with the inability to help sleep is great for insomnia.

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Bubba kush. Is a very relaxing strain

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