5 Weed-Friendly Places Around the World

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These cannabis-friendly countries allow people to grow and sell marijuana legally, and should be on your travel bucket list. They’ve got lovely metropolitan cities that host shops, dispensaries, and many businesses that sell weed products out in the open. Meet people who love to smoke, share with your new buddies, and have the best vacation yet.

1. Uruguay

Uruguay has been very progressive in the sale and production of marijuana-based products. The cannabis industry has flourished because the country does not put any major restrictions on the products that are sold. Someone who would like travel here will find the whole landscape to be very rustic. The country has a very progressive President, and they have many places you can meet with communities of people who love smoking.

2. Peru

Peru is a gorgeous place, and it has one of the highest (no pun) capitals in the world. You could smoke when you get to La Paz while you are enjoying the elevation, and you should plan to visit the many growers and shops in the city. There are lovely people in the city who love to share their cannabis with you, and the industry is thriving because the steppes outside the city are great for growing.

3. Spain

Spain has some of the most diverse cities in the world. The country has become an excellent place for people to smoke because cities like Barcelona are so open. Each of the large cities that you go to have their own growers. These growers have their own dispensaries, and you can shop in the many shops that line their streets. You can smoke openly, and you will meet people who are just as interested in the marijuana industry as you are. Traveling to Spain will feel like a cannabis pilgrimage, and you will enjoy the amazing sights at the same time.

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been open about legal drug use. The country likes the fact that people feel free to use drugs instead of trying to hide. There are far fewer overdoses in this country because people are using without fear that they will be caught. This means that people who are traveling to the city can buy and use as much as they want. You do not need to buy products when you get to the country, but you can share with people because they have welcomed you into their community.

5. South Africa

South Africa is a good place for people to come when they want to enjoy the rich culture of this country, and they can go to any of the big cities that allow for sales and distribution of weedy medicinal products. The country allows for growing, and the people who are growing have space to grow without any trouble. The best people of this is that people get a true vacation out of traveling to South Africa.

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