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CBD beauty products are the next best thing in wellness and beauty -- just ask the companies cashing in. The cannabis industry is encroaching on the wellness industry by making lotions and creams for women that will help them look younger without the use of chemicals -- and hey, you might feel good too. The new self-care is weed.

1. Lord Jones Pain & Wellness Body Lotion

Lord Jones has made a special lotion that is just for pain management. you can rub it anywhere on your body to handle joint pain, stiffness, and muscle aches that are common as you get older. This is a good lotion for athletes, and it remains neutral in scent so that you do not smell overpowering.

2. Kana Lavender Sleep Mask

The sleep mask is a perfect combination of a night cream and a soothing lotion that will help you calm down at night. Most women who use a night cream look much younger, and they should have a look at this cream because the light smell of lavender can change how they approach their nighttime routine.

3. Khus Face Serum

Khus makes an incredible face serum to use every morning before you leave the house. it feels cool on the skin, and it helps you soften your skin before a long day of sweating, standing in the sun, and stress.

4. Kush Queen Bath Bomb

The bath bomb is a good way to end the day as it releases the scent of the oil once it hits the water. The bath bomb is a good way to calm your muscles, and it will relax you for hours in a warm bath.

5. Verily Hemp Lip Balm

This particular lip balm gives you the slight tingling feeling that you need. You can use the balm during the day, or it could become your night balm to help keep your lips healthy.

6. Milk Makeup Kush Mascara

This mascara will help extend your lashes, and it treats your lashes at the same time. There are many ways for you to use the mascara depending on much lash you want, and you can feel the treatment in your lashes throughout the day.

7. Myaderm Blemish Control

Blemish control is helpful because it conceals the problem areas on your face. Someone who likes using a concealer might prefer to use this product because it is natural and safe.

8. Leef Organics Balm

This balm can be used anywhere on your face so that you can treat dry skin. Someone who has chronic dry skin will needs something stronger than a lotion. The balm smells nice, and it seeps deep into the skin to prevent dryness.

Adding these items to your beauty routine will change your skin, help you feel younger, and improve your appearance. They are all natural, and they have been infused with the CBD oil that you need to keep skin taut, smooth, and beautiful. YES!

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