Best Gifts for the CBD Enthusiast in Your Life

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With weed this good, you cannot help but share. Celebrate life with the ones you love with these top weed gifts.

1. Maintenance & Repair Salve
Real Wellness has some great products to consider gifting. Particularly, their maintenance & repair salve is designed with the gym in mind. After application, the salve works to improve blood flow, meaning faster recovery post-workout. If you know someone who always seems to have the munchies, this could be the gift for them.

2. Child Resistant Exit Bag
Some states have laws stating that child-resistant exit bags. It is a smart idea and Mercy Wellness has capitalized on it. We do not want youngsters getting exposed to this stuff. But why not use one at home? If not for the kid's sake, then for your sake. If the kids cannot get into the bag, then there is more weed for you.

3. Drops for Pets
Select CBD has everybody in mind, even pets. They offer a variety of cannabis-related products with some targeted toward pets. Currently, they offer oral drops for treating all sorts of ailments in pets. Finally, man's best friend can take part in the fun.

4. Releaf Patch
For the on-the-go professional, this is the gift for them. Papa & Barkley offers their releaf patch for day-long delivery of cannabinoids. All you have to do is apply the patch and receive THC and CBD for the next twelve hours.

5. CBD+ Soap
It is time to relax with Wildflower Wellness's weed-infused soap! What better combination could there be than warm water, no clothes, the tingle of a body high, and no clothes? Absolutely nothing! This product is a great gift for anyone who is stressed.

6. Cannabis-infused Tea
Not only punny but also yummy. Kikoko offers a delicious line of cannabis-infused teas. Their products include positi-tea, sensuali-tea, sympa-tea, and tranquili-tea. With each tea being expertly formulated, there is a tea for all tastes and occasions! Pick up their four tea bundle for the tea drinker in your life.

7. Awaken Arousal Oil
Awaken by Foria Wellness is a stellar product. And it is the world's first marijuana-infused intimate massage oil. There is no better way to set the mood than a massage. Maybe you would want to add some chocolates, but they have got you covered. The massage oil is naturally scented in a seductive chocolate and mint.

8. Cannabis Bundle
In the vein of gift-giving, Lord Jones is king. On their website, you can find readily available gift sets predesigned and balanced for the ultimate weed experience. Try the set that includes marijuana-infused gumdrops.

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