Budtender's Choice: Edibles of Washington State

Bluntness Team

A Budtender is the person behind the counter who sells the customer or patient their marijuana. Most customers may have questions and usually the budtender will be able to answer those questions. Often people may not know what to get or what would work for them and often they will ask a budtender for a recommendation. With the rising popularity of the cannabis industry the costumer's selection is growing.

In a lot of the Washington State dispensaries it can be noticed that there is a large selection of edibles available to the costumer and, often times, it can be difficult to make a decision that is certain to satisfy. The best solution is to ask the local budtenders, because everybody's body reacts differently and sometimes drastically to cannabinoids, especially when taken orally. A knowledged budtender will have some insight for a potential customer with questions.

Cannabis infused edibles come in a large range of options in Washington State dispensaries, anywhere from mints, to chocolates, or even chips! Mr. Moxey's Mints are an excellent option for first time edible users, they come in smaller doses so as not to overwhelm a newbie on their first edibles high. A patient can also find Mr. Moxey's mints with CBD in them for a more relaxed buzz.

Zoot is another company who makes delicious weedy mints and Zoot's have a different variety of flavors such as "Lemongrass" and "Zootberry". These too come in a lower dosage for the first time user. For someone looking to have a little fun; Zoot has infused flavored water drops and a mixology booklet.

Pioneer Squares are another great infused edible. Pioneer Squares, are delicious little gummy squares with a little chunk of freeze dried fruit in the center. The company who produces Pioneer Squares uses only premium concentrates and pure cannabinoid oil to make there infusions, so the customer can get the most out of their edible with a more full-spectrum high.

Blue Roots produces a variety of chips that are fantastically savory. Sold in a single serving "snack pack" size, Blue roots chips are great for people who are vacationing in Washington state and need something portable. To go with the bag of chips a Washington State Marijuana user can also have a soda from Olala with their large selection of flavors and milligram dosages, or for your wake'n bake, Olala has coffee.

These are only some of the hundreds of different kinds of edibles in Washington State, and as the new year continues to progress marijuana users are sure to see more and more showing up on the shelves.


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