CBD Foods Temporarily Banned in California Restaurants

Tameka Kee

The California Department of Public Health has ordered restaurants and cafes to stop serving food and beverages with CBD (Cannabidiol) in July pending more research.

Some have been serving CBD-infused items for multiple years, and the move is expected to significantly impact those business.

One location told Eater LA sales had dropped 30% since the ban took effect.

The full statement, which can be accessed here, points out that while:

> California currently allows the manufacturing and sales of cannabis products (including edibles), the use of industrial hemp as the source of CBD to be added to food products is prohibited.

Since CBD is a non-psychoactive form of cannabis, considered a supplement, and legal, many restaurants operated under the assumption that adding it to food was legal under California law.

But now that the Dept. has issued this statement, restaurants and cafes must scramble to take all CBD items off of the menu or risk paying a fine.

The statement allows for a future change in policy, but does not give any definitive timeline.

> Until the FDA rules that industrial hemp-derived CBD oil and CBD products can be used as a food or California makes a determination that they are safe to use for human and animal consumption, CBD products are not an approved food, food ingredient, food additive, or dietary supplement.


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