Check Out Vermont’s Top Cannabis Dispensaries

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Vermont loves weed and their dispensaries show it. These amazing companies provide the best type of buds out there in Vermont area, and they are making a wad of cash while doing what they love.

Champlain Valley Dispensary

One great thing about Champlain Valley Dispensary are the fact that they are always trying to provide the best type of medical marijuana made specially for their patients. Anyone that has depression, anxiety, or chronic pain or illnesses are able to obtain a card here, and they provide several years of experience and knowledge when it comes to this plant. This company has their own dispensary, and depending on what you want and need, they know which plants will work to help you feel better. Purchasing at an actual medical dispensary provides high quality marijuana with safe standards, and they also provide delivery to the comfort of your own home.

Grassroots Vermont

This location is another safe dispensary that can help provide you with the marijuana medical card you need along with the marijuana buds that you require after obtaining your card. They are a medical only facility, and will provide you with the safest types of buds that are out there, and you won't have to worry about anything being laced or being unsafe going through them. For those that have mental illnesses, or chronic illnesses and suffer from pain, they know which strain is the correct one to dose for those to get the correct effects that you need. They are located in Brandon area, and you will need to schedule an appointment to see them, they do not allow walk ins. The marijuana that they provide are all medical tested, and are approved for selling. They also provide home delivery for those who have transportation issues.


Another great location is Phytocare. They are also another medical dispensary that provides the best strains that are all lab tested and approved for selling. You will not find anything that is not considered fresh, and all their products provide healing and will fix any ailments. Their main focus is on helping others in need, and providing the best strains that will help someone get better. Their products are affordable, and they also provide delivery to your door if you cannot come in and pick up your cannabis. They are located in the Southwestern area, and has been serving this area for over four years currently. Every product is lab tested before sold, and their products are trustworthy.

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