CVS Sells CBD Products in States Where It's Not Even Legal (Yet)

Tameka Kee

​The CBD train keeps chugging along -- and the latest distribution deal will put CBD creams, sprays and lotions on the shelves of one of America’s largest pharmacy brands: CVS.

Curaleaf Holdings announced a deal that will see its CBD products sold in more than 800 CVS stores.

What’s most interesting about this deal is that the pharmacy will start selling (and in some cases, is already selling) Curaleaf’s CBD products in states like Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, where marijuana isn’t yet legal for medicinal or recreational use.

Financial analysts like Cannabis Growth Fund’s Korey Bauer caution that it’s a weird gray area for a household name like CVS:

“This is why there needs to be legislation, because right now it’s a little messy,” he said. “We need clarity on whether companies can at least add low dosages of CBD to products. Right now, it’s definitely risky for a company like CVS. But as soon as we have legalization, I’m sure all these companies will be participating.”

But that doesn’t seem to be stopping CVS, as a spokesperson told Bloomberg that CBD products would be available for purchase from the store aisles in a total of eight states -- including marijuana-friendly (and legal) states like California and Colorado.


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