Dispensary Spotlight: Cali Roots in Oklahoma City

Bluntness Team

Cali Roots is your neighborhood, friendly medicinal weed shop in Oklahoma. There are so many reasons to visit (like, they are selling quality weed, and they are a big part of their community, etc), but here are few fun facts:

They love Cali weed but grow in Oklahoma.
Yep, you read that right. They’ve got three dispensary locations in the Oklahoma City area. They are growers with roots in California, growing amazing cannabis right in the heart of OKC.

They’re on weedmaps.

Yeah, check them out. And peruse their (amazing selection). They’ve been verified as a top retailer with quality sticky icky.

They make great weed videos.

Cali Roots + Dank Media have a great YouTube channel with …well… really cool weedy videos. They are addicting, hilarious, informative, and will make you want to kick back with your favorite strain.

They’ve partnered with LA-based weed companies.

Cali Roots grows in Oklahoma, but works with Tradecraft Farms and SoCal’s family-run stick.e.vape. Meaning – they’ve got the best weed…in Oklahoma.

They’ve got all the weed info you’ll ever need.

Cali Roots knows weed. For example, have you ever tried a rose joint? We hadn’t either. Follow them on Facebook for weedy facts and figures.

Photo via Facebook


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