Jennifer Noska Believes in Proof Extracts

Bluntness Team

While battling several chronic illnesses with cannabis, Jennifer Noska found cannabis to be the only thing that improved all her health issues immensely. She has since removed several neurologists and doctors and no longer needs prescriptions.

During the transition, Jennifer began fostering a relationship with the company that makes the cannabis products that she depends on daily, Proof Extracts. She now works in sales for Proof Extracts and enjoys educating and helping others locate this great medicine.

Jennifer is excited to be a woman in the cannabis community. Together they are helping others educate and medicate themselves with cannabis.

How did you get involved in cannabis?
Around two years ago, I started using social media, Instagram and Facebook, to share how PROOF’s awesome CBD:THC ratios were changing my life. My followers grew from a few hundred to over a thousand as more people became curious on how I was using cannabis to manage all my health issues.

Then, I received a DM on my Instagram account, followed up by a phone call from Mathew Ingram, the CEO of Proof Wellness, thanking me for being their number one fan. Matthew also invited me out for an onsite visit where I was able to meet the makers of my medicine. We then fostered a relationship over the next year before Matthew approached me and asked if I would like to be a PROOF Cannabis Sales Consultant.

Now, I get to travel up and down the central valley sharing my story and meeting anyone and everyone in the cannabis industry. I’m truly blessed to be part of the PROOF family.

What is your mission with Proof Wellness?
My mission is to be the best vehicle possible to tell everyone that PROOF is great medicine. I want every club in every town to carry PROOF. I want patients and customers to know they have options other than prescription pills. I want people to know that I’m here to help them find their way.

Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years?
I came into the industry at 47 years young, but I bet in 5 years I’m still working for PROOF and sharing my story of healing with cannabis.

What's the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis space and the biggest reward?
The biggest challenge is the logistics of moving product around and not being able to give free samples to customers. I also find patients and customers need real education and I’m working on connecting PROOF to movers and shakers in the industry that align with PROOF’s vision to make high-quality CBD products, but keep them as affordable as possible, so that relief could be within reach for all.

My biggest reward is when I arrive at a dispensary and I’m greeted with a hug by the owners and employees because of the strong relationships I’ve created with them or when a mom brings in her son that can’t communicate but she simply wants me to see who I’m helping. I also choke up every time someone seeks me out to share with me how PROOF has changed their lives. They are why I get up every day and nock on club doors to carry PROOF.

Do you have any advice for any fellow cannapreneurs?
Jump in, get your feet wet and bring your imagination. It’s the green rush and everyone is networking so brush up on your skills and see where they take you.


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