Look Out Paleo: Could Cannabis Be the Next Big Thing in Weight Loss?

So long, Cheeto-eating stoners. Hello, lean and fit 420 folks.

Erica Roane, theBluntness Staff Writer

Gone are the days of silly stoner stereotypes eating pounds of junk food, and instead, cannabis has become a staple for the wellness industry. Sure, you can still get your paws on pot that will, in fact, make you want to eat the entire contents of your refrigerator, but with so many choices these days, there are plenty of strains and products that can actually help you live a healthier lifestyle.


Now there’s mounting evidence that cannabis can help people lose weight. It seems like finding just the right dose has helped plenty of people drop unwanted pounds. Though there’s still a lot of research to be done, plenty of studies that indicate that cannabis might be the next big thing in weight loss. Just ask the obese rats who lost weight with a dose of THC.

The theory is that THC can actually positively affect change in your gut that could lead to a lower BMI or weight loss. And with the US health and wellness market valued at an estimated $60 billion dollars, it’s clear that consumers will do and buy whatever it takes, to find their way to happiness and good health.

Of course there’s still a long road ahead for cannabis brands when it comes to weight loss – there have been no approved weight-loss cannabis products so far, but with more research and the progression of legalization, this could be right around the corner.

Telling the story:

Cannabis makes working out easier.

There’s a theory that consuming cannabis for a workout can in fact make you work out longer, and more efficiently. The idea is that the right dose (yeah, some trial and error here) can help with concentration and motivation. All that focus could help plenty of guilt-ridden diet and exercise avoiders actually get on the treadmill and keep going.

Many people have lost weight on weed.

There’s a growing pocket of people on the internet bragging about cannabis and weight loss. It’s worked for plenty of people -- including a woman who lost 100 pounds -- who smoke weed daily. With the right strain, some claim it curbs emotional eating too. Many cannabis-friendly people who are trying to lose weight claim that it’s easier to diet without beating themselves up.

CBD can scientifically help your metabolism.

CBD can lower your cortisol levels which make it a lot easier to lose weight. This benefit naturally makes your metabolism quicker and more efficient which leads to real weight loss results. And, a better metabolism helps you drop belly weight, a nice added bonus.

The right dose and strain can suppress appetite.

Yeah, cannabis users must find their perfect dose and strain, but it evidence indicates that Sativas won’t actually increase your appetite. There are already plenty of strains that promote relaxation and no crazy cravings. Specifically, the right sativa can actually help people eat less, and feel less stressed about dieting.

Less stress means less weight.

A very obvious, but scientifically backed idea that wellness cannabis brands should consider: Stress causes weight gain. The perfectly-branded weight loss aid would allow those trying to drop weight to feel less stress, stop beating themselves up, dealing with diet guilt, etc etc. Losing weight is hard, but perhaps with the right strand, it might be a whole lot easier for users to achieve their health goals.

Use hemp oil as a healthy alternative.

Hemp oil has certainly made the rounds of self-caring people who use the magic stuff to relieve pain and aid in all sorts of ailments. But perhaps a underrated benefit of hemp oil is that it is beneficial in losing weight. It’s got less calories than olive olive, it tastes good, and it’s full of healthy omega-3s. An added bonus: hemp oil has a lot of gamma linoleic acid that has been proven to prevent weight gain.

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