Meet Cannabis Coach Christina Cassidy-Forbrich of "The Canncierge"


Christina Cassidy-Forbrich, Founder & CEO of The Canncierge Consulting has been a proponent of cannabis for years.

The San Diego native attended SDSU and graduated at the top of her class with a degree of Sociology and Economics. An avid reader and researcher of all things cannabis, Christina now manages her own consulting business, The Canncierge. Combining her passion for the plant and knowledge of its medicinal uses, Christina is on a mission to help others find the best way to use it for their particular wants and needs.

We chatted with Christina to learn more about her, her passion for the industry and The Canncierge.

1. Why did you get involved in the cannabis industry? What motivates you?

Cannabis has been in my life since I was about 16. At first my use was recreational, as I’ve never been a big drinker of alcohol, but immediately, marijuana became a healing thing for the anxiety I struggled with as well as menstrual cramps, and moodswings.

In college, I studied Qualitative Sociology (mainly a research degree) and Economics - and smoked a lot of weed. My roomies and I were more than productive, too: I graduated at the top of my class and even spoke at my graduation. I’d also just hotboxed my pickup in the parking lot while wearing my grad hat and finishing my speech. I’ve always been a “stonerd.” I love learning as much about cannabis and its biochemical and socioeconomic underpinnings. My friends and family came to me with questions and I’d either already know or I’d find the answer; I’m a constant researcher. After successful careers in Hospitality and Development and a lay-off, I was motivated by the need to pay bills, of course, and I asked myself: “self, what else are you TRULY excited about?” The answer: cannabis. I took a huge leap, professionalized my passion and deep knowledge of the plant, its applications, her place in our world, and the absolute necessity for more people to understand it and started my company to educate others. Since women are underserved in many ways, and I am one, I focus on serving ladies I work with and seniors as well -- these are the two biggest demographics of people becoming consumers of cannabis - they’re in need of the safest pathway, which I help them discover.

2. What is it like being a woman in the cannabis space?

It’s like being a woman in any other industry - still male dominated, still have to work harder and likely be paid less - except professionally, I’ve never been more supported by fellow women building their own dreams in this space. The networking is more like sister seshes with my whip-smart, powerful friends - the authenticity is extremely motivating. Both in the giving and receiving of it.

3. Can you tell us about The Canncierge and the services you offer?

I “Personalize Your Cannsumption!" The focus of my work is consulting with women, seniors, veterans, and families to help them make informed consumption decisions about cannabis; this is done in individual, confidential appointments or in workshop or party settings (birthdays, bachelorettes, weddings, etc.). As a “cannabis coach” I help clients identify the resources and ways in which to safely and enjoyably integrate cannabis into their lives. Consults are designed to help the consumer understand, in a personal context, cannabis, hemp, applications, research, and the modern marijuana landscape in general.

I’m also a creative and editorial consultant, writer, and photographer working with companies in the cannabis space to develop and market new products, conduct market research, design wellbeing centers and in-store and digital resources including staff trainings and promotional campaigns.

4. What advice do you have for women in the cannabis space?

Stick together: consciously support other women and remember there’s room for everyone to succeed. Also, protect your intellectual property and find a mentor. I’m also a believer in the value of diversified side-hustles - make sure at least one gig you’re doing is directly tied to what makes your heart soar. Also, pay off debt, save (then invest) your money - expensive handbags are overrated - but being debt-free with a healthy savings account equals freedom to walk away from most situations that aren’t serving you (which is priceless).

Photo via Christina Cassidy Forbrich


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