Meet Cannabis Community Member, Queen Canna


Queen Canna is a "a female-owned, Cannabis Wellness and Skin Care Line and Lifestyle Brand offering Queen Canna Logo clothing for sale."

We chatted with the company owner to learn more about her motivation and why she doesn't consider the company part of the "cannabis industry" but the "cannabis community."

1. What inspired you to create Queen Canna, and what is your mission?

I was growing my own weed for personal use and the cannabis smoked great but wasn’t very pretty or had the best smell. I didn’t have the patience for proper curing but the weed was legit. All Organic Northern California seeds are always grown without any chemicals. Still today, I only use homegrown organic cannabis for my products. I decided to figure out what other products I could make with this weed and made an Alcohol Tincture. I love how I feel the benefits of each strain without really getting high. I’m a lightweight, but people vary so much that we always make products for a wide range of tastes and tolerances. Queen Canna just came to be as a way to share what I was learning and relate how our products were making me feel and then sharing the response of other women.

2. What products do you sell and which are your most popular?

I am a creator of Cannabis Infused Wellness and Beauty Products like Cannabis Skin Care, Cannabis Lubricant, and Cannabis Suppositories. They are all well loved. We began selling QueenCanna Clothing and Merch about a year ago and sell quite a few each day of our Queen Canna Logo Bodysuits. Our Queen Canna Sweatsuits are also very popular with super soft material, lots of pockets, and many color choices.

2. From your experience, what's the the biggest hurdle female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry face today?

I don’t consider myself part of the Cannabis Industry. I am part of the Cannabis Community and I’m growing my presence and voice on IG. I believe in sharing my knowledge and cross-promotion with other women, more than any other part of the business aspect. The interaction with other women, helping them grow, and feeling their love for me and what I do, is my favorite over all part. I am very passionate about Cannabis and our freedom to enjoy this plant anyway we find works best for us.

4. Where do you hope to see the industry and Queen Canna in 5 years?

Again, I don’t feel like I can speak on the Cannabis Industry. That’s not my business. My hope is that the freedoms we have in regards to Cannabis use in CA continues, improves in non legal states, and that everyone that has ever been in jail for Cannabis is cleared and released. That would make me happy.

5. What words of wisdom do you have for women who want to work in the industry?

Working for yourself in the Cannabis Community and working “in the industry” are two different things. I support Queen Canna with the sale of our Queen Canna Merch and Clothing so I may continue to create and share our Cannabis products with women that may benefit from them.

Find Queen Canna on Instagram @queen_canna_.

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