Meet Mistress Matisse of Velvet Swing


Velvet Swing, available in Washington state and California, is a brand of intimate THC and CBD products owned by Mistress Matisse and Chelsea Cebara, who manages the “pot-science side” of the company.

We sat down to Mistress Matisse to learn more about how she got into the cannabis business, her passion for her products and her motivation

1. What is the story of how Velvet Swing came to be?

The story of Velvet Swing is thus: Years ago, my friend Chelsea, who is an amazing cannabis scientist, used to make homemade cannabis lube for me on her stove top. It’s a lengthy and messy process, and the result was not perfect, but it was fun, and while it had some drawbacks, I sensed…some possibilities.

Image: Chelsea Cebara

Fast forward to when Washington legalized recreational cannabis. I tried all the available weed-intimacy products offered on the market, thinking that surely, some pot company would know what I knew about cannabis lube, and would’ve gotten it right. Imagine how disappointed I was to discover that the products for sale in the legal market were no better – and sometimes worse - than the bootleg products I’d had before.

So I persuaded my colleague Chelsea to take a chance on this crazy idea with me, and together we set out to create (in MY opinion) the world’s best cannabis sex lube! We definitely knew what we didn’t want: badly-made weed lubes tend to smell (and taste) kind of like nasty old bong water. But we wanted Velvet Swing to taste nice, and to have just a very mild sweet fragrance. And we wanted it to be a very CLEAN formula, ph-balanced, with nothing in it that could irritate anyone’s intimate places. And most importantly, we wanted it to be very, very effective at making ladies have longer, stronger, and a more likely [chance to have] multiple orgasms!

2. What is your mission?

Because of me having been a sex worker over 20 years, I’ve observed a lot about people’s bodies sexually, and I feel like all the experiences I had as a sex worker contributed to my understanding of what Velvet Swing should really be, and how I wanted to tell people about it! That is my overall life mission: I want to help people have more orgasms and enjoy better sexy time!

3. Can you tell us about some of your products? What are the all-time favorites and what makes your spin on these products unique?

My company is a small one and we have only two products out so far. Velvet Swing is my flagship product, it’s a truly water-based cannabis sex lube, and that makes it unique in the market. All the other cannabis lubes that I know of use oil in their formula. Some women’s genitals are not negatively affected by oils, but many women (like me) find that an oil-based product gives them – to put it bluntly - a yeast infection. You also cannot use a lube that has oil in it with latex condoms – the oil breaks down the rubber. So that’s why Velvet Swing’s revolutionary water-based formula is a stand-out in the cannabis world.

Velvet Swing is also one of the very few cannabis sex lubes that uses both THC as well as CBD, and that’s important. CBD-only lubes can be soothing and friendly to someone’s inner tissues (except for the oil part), but it is the THC in Velvet Swing that really makes the fireworks go off. THC applied topically is a vasodilator, so when Velvet Swing is applied to your sweet spot, it opens up all those tiny capillaries and sends blood to the area, causing it to gradually get very pleasantly swollen and engorged and sensitized, in just the same way your body naturally does when you get turned on any other time. It feels very natural and organic in its action. Around the office, we often refer to VS as “liquid foreplay.”

Most pot products take a little time to “come up” and Velvet Swing is no exception. It takes about 20 minutes for the best effects of Velvet Swing to be felt. So something I tell people when I’m teaching them about Velvet Swing is: plan ahead a little. Here is how I often use Velvet Swing: in the evening, I go into my bathroom to do all the things a lady does to get ready for bed, brushing my teeth, washing my face, etc. While I’m in there – I dispense 3-5 pumps of Velvet Swing onto my fingers and massage it gently into my entire clitoral/vaginal area, both inside and outside. Then it has some time to soak in and start working *before I even get into bed with my partner*. It would be great if we all had all the time in the world to make love with our partners, but let’s face it, often the time that we set aside for intimacy is all too short. Velvet Swing kick-starts your body’s natural responses and functions and makes getting to the Big O much much easier!

Our other newest product is a tincture called Velvet Kiss, that you spritz into your mouth for a sweet little buzz. Velvet Swing won’t get you “head-high”, because cannabis products that you apply to your skin can’t cross into your bloodstream. But Velvet Kiss will definitely elevate your mood! It has a delicious Vanilla Chai flavor - and again, it’s water-based, so no nasty greasy aftertaste. It’s discreet to use, and two sprays are equal to just 1.5mg of THC, and 0.3 of CBD product, so it is very suitable for micro-dosing, for a gentle high that lasts about thirty minutes. We also made a custom terpene blend for it that is designed to be anti-anxiety. I want to create products that women, in particular, feel safe using, even if they aren’t very familiar with cannabis products and their effects.

4. What's the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis space and the biggest reward?

Working in weed is still very much like being in the wild wild West. The tension between state law and federal law is definitely palpable in the air, and rules and regulations can change suddenly unexpectedly on the whim of a bureaucrat, leaving you with an emergency you have to quickly figure out how to manage. But since I’m a sex worker, I’m used to that.

For more on Velvet Swing, be sure to find the company on Instagram.


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