Mold, Yeast Found in Las Vegas Cannabis

Bluntness Team

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In the midst of cannabis vaping death scares, there may be something else to worry about in the cannabis world.

According to News Las Vegas, officials are warning customers about yeast and mold found in four batches of cannabis found at local Las Vegas area dispensaries.

Product concerned includes pre-roll and flower in strains “Gelato," "Northern Lights Blue Flower,” “Funky Malawi” and “BWID flower” sold at four different establishments between July 10 and Aug. 28, according to the news outlet.

Though there haven’t yet been any complaints from individuals who have purchased the cannabis, officials warn that people, particularly those with compromised immune systems, could be at risk of health repercussions from the contaminated product.

For more, read the full story on New Las Vegas.


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