My Favorite Weed Strains with Crazy Names

Bluntness Team

Welp, weed is great. Some of the names are ... questionable. My favorites:

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a strain that just makes you go... what the f@$#, right? I don’t believe anyone you’d ask but the genius creator of this here strain would even know what a Thunder Fuck was. Let alone know that said Thunder Fuck was Alaskan! It’s a Sativa strain meaning it’s suppose to give you an energetic feeling versus the down, relaxed body high of an Indica. However, this strain sounds as if you took a hit of it and just fell forward directly on your face. As if 2 of your brain cells just said, f@$# this shit I’m out!

Dirty Girl has to have been what the creator was seeing as he smoked this for the first time. The name of a strain should characterize what experience you’ll have with this particular bud? What experience do visualize with the name, Dirty Girl? I feel as though I’ll taste the remnants of cigarette smoke, a bed frame with no rails and a custom of borrowing my best friend’s underwear. Another Sativa, insisting you’ll feel energetic but a little bit ripe. Might have to light a candle or an incense while you smoke this.

I hate to have to talk about this particular strain because I’ve used it in the past and enjoyed it. However the name, I was always suspicious of. With a name like Green Crack, any rational person is going to do a double take like... “what’d you say?” The strain just makes you feel like you’re smoking something a little stronger than just cannabis. The name makes you feel as though you might end up with an itch that just won’t go away until you get your next hit. Guess this was the creator’s attempt at promoting this strains potent ability. However, I think they jumped the gun a little on this one.

Skunk No. 1 is definitely one of those strains that wants you to know what you’ll smell when you pop that seal. Me personally, I’ve always hated weed strains that go that route because the names are never appealing. This Hybrid with a gem of a name is no different. Other phrases to even describe the feel and experience of certain strains like Cat Piss and Grass really wouldn’t help close that sale in my opinion. Yes, that’s exactly what smokers want, for their mouths to smell like cat piss and skunk. Why not go ahead and name the next strain Onion Purp, while you’re at it?

This Indica strain actually gives you that nice euphoric body high every Indica promises. The name on the other hand is still barbecue chicken, it’s cooked. Now I’m all for old soulful music but I’m not trying to taste old soul in my joint. Berry White may just be a play on words for any berry. Wildberry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, etc. If not, I hope the naming convention used was thinking of how gracefully one like Berry White ages. Any other thought is just sucking in the essence of an old guy.

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