Q+A With Recruiter Cassandra Murray of CLM Careers


Cassandra Murray is a boutique recruitment consultant for CLM Careers.

She is currently focused on hiring in the cannabis space, specifically for consumer packaged goods, which is gaining traction in pharma, food and beauty.

We caught up with Cassandra for her perspective on the current status of cannabis and recruiting.

  1. What's the story of how CLM Careers came to be? When I started CLM Careers, it was first Beauty Career Services as I was helping people in the beauty industry navigate job seeking. I coached them to help them find better opportunities. Soon, I had hiring managers asking me to fill jobs. I found myself with a few jobs on my desk in the cannabis industry, as it's CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) I felt right at home! I'm gaining some great traction in cannabis now and am working with two companies to fill their open sales and senior management roles. We're actively hiring!

  2. What do you do and what is your mission? Typically, a Recruiter's mission is to find jobs and fill them. I start from the other end of the spectrum and make relationships with people. Trust is hard to find in business, especially in Recruitment, so it is vital to be consistent, transparent and kind in all endeavors, candidate and client alike. I pride myself as an empathetic recruiter who coaches candidates toward jobs they will love, not just put a 'butt in a seat'. I also challenge companies to be ethical and transparent in the hiring process. I only work with good companies that are growing in the industry.

  3. What are current trends you are seeing in the industry? I am seeing beauty gain traction with cannabis as a new ingredient that fights inflammation and we're still researching other topical benefits. Once estheticians are on board, more traditional companies will be adding cannabis to the ingredient deck. Because cannabis is fairly new to skin care, some people are wary, but those who are into beauty are always ready to try the next big thing so I feel that beauty, a highly influencer driven industry, will bring loads of consumers on board the cannabis train. This will help with mass acceptance of the ingredient into other categories such as food and beverage. Social Media is making a huge impact toward educating consumers and career seekers so I expect to see a huge influx of marketers who will be exceptionally knowledgeable about the benefits of cannabis.

  4. What's your advice to job seekers and those looking to hire? I always tell my candidates to be ready to show how their transferrable skills are relevant to a new industry. Stay fresh and educated. Stay positive and get help from someone who knows how to spot 'Red Flags' are on a resume. Be diligent in networking in your industry even after you are employed! If you are looking to hire, remember that people are grabbing great jobs as you are reading this. Do not expect to get a great hire with a lengthy interview process. When you find the right fit, move on it or someone else will snap them up!

  5. Where do you see the industry in 5 years? I've been in CPG for a decade now so I know how the flow works for new ingredients such as cannabis in consumer products. Fad's die, but the tried and true will remain. Cannabis has already been proven to be highly effective in so many areas of life from pain management, inflammation, and Mental Health issues. Companies that do it right will remain. Proper dosages with quality ingredients always win out over the competition. Cannabis will spread as a supportive part of health and healthy option for recreational use over alcohol. We will be telling our grandchildren, "I remember when cannabis was illegal" and they will laugh at us.

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