The 3 Most Coveted Strains on Colorado's Marijuana Market

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It's been 5 years since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado. Since that revolutionary day in 2014, Colorado dispensaries have continued to evolve, filling their shelves with the latest and greatest strains on the market. According to surveys, and a lot of personal research, these are the most sought after strains of cannabis in the trailblazing state.

Aspen OG
This strain was strategically named, the breeder claims that "it is sweet like Aspen in the summer," describing it's unique herbal blueberry flavor, and "coated white like an Aspen winter,” describing its beautiful shimmering coat. Aspen OG is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics that can aid anything from a headache to an upset stomach. It also has amazing sedative effects that can ease any ache or pain. While it can be relaxing, Aspen OG is not necessarily a strain you want to smoke before bed. In fact, it induces a euphoria that boosts ones mood, often causing laughter and increase social interactions.

Green Crack
This strain lives up to its name, but make no mistake, this is pure cannabis. Formerly known as “Cush”, Green Crack was renamed by the marijuana master himself, Snoop Dog. Due to its combination of energizing and focus inducing effects, Green Crack is the ideal strain for a wake and bake treat that will last throughout the day. The initial inhalation has an earthy, pine-like taste, but it quickly morphs into a delicious fruity flavor as you exhale. Due to the inevitable dryness of Colorado vegetation, the crisp buds granulate into a perfect sandy consistency. Green Crack is known to combat fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Durban Poison
Similar to Green Crack, this strain has quite a brash name. Not to worry though, Durban Poison also known as Durbs is known to give users feelings of positivity, motivation and energy. The name comes from its birthplace in the 1970's, Durban, South Africa. Amid the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Durban Poison quickly became a fan favorite due to its pure nature and absence of crossbreeding; a rare gem to come across during a time when new and evolving strains now lined the shelves of dispensaries. Durbs has a piney, earthy taste to accompany the instant euphoria that comes along with smoking this strain. Consider Durban poison when struggling with nausea, migraines or lack of appetite.

Next time you are in Colorado, make a visit to the nearest dispensary and see for yourself why Aspen OG, Green Crack and Durban Poison made the list of the 3 most coveted strains on the market!

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