The Best 4 Books About Cannabis

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Within the past 10 years, Cannabis has been the most rapid growing drug in the drug industry. Now that people have found that cannabis can actually be the most beneficial drug in the world, it has become legal in more than 30 states. Now, there are thousands of stores across America that legal sale cannabis for entertainment and medical purposes. Even doctors have made hundreds of books to educate people about the benefits of cannabis and why it could change your life for the better. Here are four of the best books available today to that explain why cannabis should be apart of your life:

Cannabis: From Pariah To Prescription by Ethan Russo
In this book, the author does not leave out any details about the history of cannabis, and in fact he explains the history of it as early as 4000 years ago. The author also explains its medical background and why this forbidden drug is now finally being reversed as legal. If you want more details about the medical uses of cannabis, then this book is a great pick.

The Cannabis Manifesto: A new Paradigm For Wellness by Steve Angelo
The Cannabis Manifesto is one of the best selling weed books on the market for people wanting to learn about the plant itself and the effect it has on the mind, body and health. This book also goes into detail about the laws of the drug and why it has changed in the past years. The book has a 4.2 star rating with 180 review in counting, so it is definitely worth reading and hearing what the author has to offer.

Brave New World: Adventures Into the Unchanged World of Cannabis by Joe Dolce
Cannabis has been known to be one of the most versatile drugs in the industry, which is why its popularity has been exponentially growing. In this book, Joe Dolce not only explains the drug mentioning the U.S,, but also other countries like Amsterdam, Israel and more. He even talks about the versatility of it and also some secrets that most people do not know about the drug. Brave New Wold can be found on Amazon Here if you want to get the details about the secrets of using weed.

Herb: Mastering The Art Of Cooking With Weed by Melissa Parks, Laurie Wolf
If you are not a fan of smoking, but want to learn how to incorporate weed into your daily life, then it is most likely that this book will help you with another fun alternative. Many people have creatively used weed in food recipes like cookies, candy, bread and many more, and has been a very popular alternative from smoking or vaping. This book has 200 pages of knowledge on how to cook with weed, and was made by chief experts that have been cooking for a very long time. 


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