The Best Weed Chocolate Brands Right Now

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More people are turning to cannabis-infused products for relieving various health ailments. Such as chronic pain, inflammation, different forms of cancer, diabetes and mental disorders. Due to the growing amount of chocoholics, there is a huge selection of chocolatey cannabis treats. Below is a list comprised of the 6 best available today.

Here are some of our favorite weedy chocolate brands and their very best products:

To Whom It May

This is a super sleek and hip cannabis and hemp chocolatier and beyond their amazing branding, their chocolates are amazing too.

Hazelnut Butter Truffle
At the top of our list is this decadent homemade hazelnut, dark chocolate candy. Depending on your personal preference, it is available in 2½ milligram to 45-milligram strengths. These hazelnut butter truffles are truly divine! Composed of 100 percent organic ingredients like raw honey and freshly toasted hazelnuts. Not only do they taste amazing, but will help that which ails you as well.

Smoked Almond Butter Truffle
Another fabulous CBD infused chocolate, the smoked almond butter truffles will have you floating on cloud-9. With strengths of 2½, 5, 15, and 45 milligrams; your guaranteed to find one ideal for that which ails you. These scrumptious truffles are made of homemade maple-smoked almond butter. Providing the tastebuds with a rich heavenly flavor.


Colorado's leading cannabis sweet treats. Gluten-free options!

Strawberry Crunch Bar
For those who love white chocolate, this cannabis-infused candy bar is a guaranteed winner! This mouth-watering item is made of the best grade Colorado marijuana. It features delicious gourmet white chocolate with a hint of freshly picked strawberries. These crisped rice bars are available in 100-milligram strength and are gluten-free as well. Making them a nutritious over-the-counter medication.

Salted Pistachio Mint
The perfect combination of sweet & saltiness, these salted pistachio mint cannabis bars are truly incredible. They're 100-milligram strength candy bars unlike any other. With a blend of crunchy pistachio nuts and crisp mint which leave you wanting more. Each product is personally tested by the manufacturer ensuring it to be top quality.

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