Top 10 Gifts for Your Favorite Stoner

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While Christmas and 420 are months away, you don't always need an excuse to give a gift. Surprise your favorite stoner today with these gifts to improve their daily ritual, one toke at a time.

Rohto Eye Drops
Puffy, irritated, red eyes can be debilitating. And while not always annoying, redness reminds the world of your morning ritual. Rohto Eye Drops alleviate the discomfort and discoloration, leading to an enjoyable smoke session without the redness.

Oiikury Plasma Lighter
Cigar manufacturers commonly suggest lighting up with a match as the chemicals from an ordinary lighter can taint the flavor of a smoke. Oiikury offers another alternative with their plasma lighter. Unlike ordinary lighters, Oiikury deposits no chemicals. That's a clean smoke.

Anley Marijuana Leaf Flag
Legalization is spreading around the United States. As acceptance for marijuana grows, why not spread some stoner pride? Anley's Marijuana Leaf Flag says to the world: I am a member of the stoner nation and support legalization.

Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed
Any self-respecting stoner should know about their hobby. The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed offers 20 scratch & sniff scents from 20 marijuana strains and explains the science behind weed

Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express is the quintessential weed movie. Most stoners have seen it, but that doesn't mean they cannot enjoy watching it again and again. Any stoner will enjoy this film, especially while baked.

Bud Tub Airtight Stash Jar
Stoners like the smell of weed. But that smell is not always appropriate. For the smoker on the go, a stash jar can contain the sweet aromas until a more opportune moment. Bud Tub makes travelling with weed discrete.

Otto by Banana Bros
Otto is more than just a robotic herb grinder. It is the only automatic milling machine and joint roller on the market. Otto takes the hassle out of rolling so you can get to smoking. Designed with weed in mind, Otto actively combats canoeing, air pockets, and captures airborne particles to minimize waste.

King Palm Palm Leafs
Say goodbye to swishers and hello to King Palm. King Palm offers natural leaf rolls with no chemicals, preservatives, or fertilizers added. The slow-burning and resilient leaf allow for a long, enjoyable smoking experience.

Bob Marley Box Set
No smoking session is complete without a soundtrack. The Complete Island Recordings is the complete Bob Marley box set. Featuring 11 LPs, this collection will allow for hours of ambience. Smoking to the music of Bob Marley is a magical experience.

A Cannabis Getaway
Marijuana tourism is a budding industry. Pot farms and dispensaries in California and Colorado offer tours for meager prices. Colorado Cannabis Tours is the premier tour coordinator in Colorado. They offer packages which include lessons on cooking with cannabis, extracting hash from cannabis, and creating pottery while baked. With 420 friendly accommodations, this tour is a must-have experience.

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