Top 7 Reasons to Invest in CBD Products this 2020

Kathy T. Cooley

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CBD (Cannabidiol) has become a mainstream mention in health and wellness forums across the globe. As more places continue to amend their legislature concerning cannabis products, CBD emerges as a possible natural supplement for treating various ailments. The demand for CBD is also increasing by the day. But is this enough reason to invest your savings in the CBD market? There are several things to consider before starting a business, especially one that deals with health products. If you are looking for a venture to invest in this 2020, below is a look at seven reasons why you should consider CBD products.

1. CBD products are mostly legal
In the US, CBD oil and its products are mostly legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), according to the 2018 US Farm Bill. Unlike THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant, CBD does not make you high. The FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication for treating seizures and epilepsy symptoms. In the UK, the THC threshold is 0.2%, and you can also find legal CBD-based remedies like Sativex. CBD is also legal in Canada and Australia, among other places.

The legality of CBD oil opens many opportunities for you as an investor. Since it is a new product in a world, you can invest in its farming, manufacturing or processing, distribution of the finished product, or even establish a whole new brand. Legal complications will always arise as it is a health product. However, with the bill going through, and after establishing a business to invest in, ensure that you comply with other rules that govern other similar products such as health supplements.

2. More studies support the medicinal values of CBD
For a long time, there was not enough evidence to support using CBD for its medicinal benefits. Most support came from anecdotal and animal lab studies. However, more research continues to surface on the potential therapeutic values of CBD. This naturally increases interest and demand for the cannabinoid, which many believe can aid the treatment of a myriad of ailments. This includes pain and inflammation, sleep and appetite disorders, mental health issues, and skin infections, among others. Pundits predict CBD to become one of the most-sought after micronutrients in 2020. It makes CBD a perfect investment option, especially if you decide to capitalize on its therapeutic properties.

3. Other industries are already investing in CBD
The cosmetic, food and beverage industries are adopting CBD in their new offers. In places such as Ontario, where cannabis is legal, a simple Ontario Weed Online search on Google reveals several dispensaries and retailers that offer various products, including dry herbs and concentrates. You can also find CBD balms, lotions, and makeup products, as well as infused beers, smoothies, and shakes.

The investment opportunity here is the provision of raw materials such as cannabis (hemp) plant for the production of CBD oil. You can supply or distribute ready-made CBD oil to the companies that use it as a major ingredient in their products. If not a supplier, why not capitalize and begin the process from farming to distribution and selling.

4. There is an increasing demand for CBD products
More people are beginning to acknowledge the potential benefits of CBD. Predictions place total CBD sales at around $20 billion by 2024, which only reaffirms its acclaim in the mainstream markets. Demand is always a critical determinant when investing in any product or service, so you are less likely to regret diving in the CBD products business. Market analysts expect CBD to become more popular and acceptable in various places around the globe, even as more regions amend their marijuana laws. Therefore, 2020 is the time to invest in CBD as the rules are becoming more and more consumer and business-friendly, and the demand is rising.

5. More influencers and celebrities are promoting CBD
Influencers can reach a wider audience and have a significant role in shaping customer preferences and shopping decisions. In the past, influencers characterized reluctance in promoting CBD, especially since the product was illegal before the Farm Bill. Today, more influencers and bloggers are open to starting discussions that create awareness on the therapeutic benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. An increase in influencer promotions results in higher demand. Demand creates supply deficiencies providing an investment opportunity. Also, endorsements indicate possible growth, and investing in stocks from already established CBD-based companies may prove beneficial.

6. CBD has the potential to fetch significant ROI
CBD is a health supplement and also a dietary micronutrient. While current prices are not as high as they were when the product first became popular, the demand makes it one of the most profitable investments in 2020. With the evidence in returns and profits made by different companies and organizations majoring in cannabis out there, it will be futile not to follow suit and invest in CBD oil in 2020.

7. There are multiple ways to invest in CBD products
There are various ways to invest in CBD products. You can purchase shares from a reputable CBD oil brand or even start an online dispensary. If you have the capital, you can also grow hemp varieties and extract high-quality CBD for use in different products. One great example is I Love Growing Marijuana, which provides various cannabis products and resourceful information for farmers. For a start, you can buy shares of your favorite CBD Company and wait to reap profits at the end of each fiscal year. However, starting a dispensary, a farm, or a third-party laboratory for testing is much more profitable.

There are several other reasons for investing in CBD products in 2020. Unlike other waves that have come and gone in the wellness industry, CBD has genuine prospects and already boasts evidence from various studies. It is essential to do your market research before starting any business. Make sure you have the right infrastructure and backing of the law in your area. More importantly, do not make any false claims or provide sub-standard CBD to make a quick profit as this will only tarnish your reputation.

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