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Live resin cannabis is a form of concentrate where the freshly harvested plant is frozen. These temperatures stop the extraction process and will allow a person to get the medical benefits from this plant.

In the live resin process, the plant is frozen quickly as soon as it is harvested. These freezer temperatures are kept constant during the extraction process. The plant is able to keep its terpenes which will allow a person to see the health benefits. The plant will also keep its flavor and fragrance. Both of these are used in the final product whether it is oil, capsules, or other forms of the extract.

Live resin is one of the new techniques used to preserve the plan. Live resin began back in 2011 when growers decided to look for a way to keep a higher concentration of terpenes in cannabis.

The growers developed a BHO extractor that was able to use low temperatures to make the live resin and use the frozen plant to help with the extraction process. This allowed them to extract the resin and keep higher levels of terpenes.

Live resin is different from other methods and concentrates due to the higher content of the terpenes. This concentration has more terpenes than the BHO extracts. There is also an elevated effect from this concentration where the terpenes are able to interact with the other cannabinoids found in the plant.

Due to these reasons, high concentration levels and live resin is in high demand. People that use the live resin like the effect and the aroma of the concentrate. Live resin is also able to get a higher price.

Live resin has come a long way over the years since the first extraction process. Live resin is still rare and can only be found in specific dispensaries. Due to the increase in demand more dispensaries are looking to carry live resin and make it more affordable to the customers.

In the average plant, there are over 100 different terpenes. Live resin contains higher amounts of pinene and myrcene compared to other methods that are used with this plant. The concentrate is only as good as the plant so it is important to use a reliable plant.

Customers are looking for cannabis that has more flavor and that is more potent. Live resin is becoming more popular due to these factors. Many people like the aroma of the plant and they are looking to capture it by getting live resin.


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