3 Creative Cannabis Edibles Companies


When it comes to delicious recipes, Instagram has no shortage of inspiration.

That’s why we have our eyes on these delicious accounts featuring cannabis edibles.


The brainchild of Mindy Segal, owner of popular Chicago-based restaurant, Hot Chocolate, Mindy’s Edibles features a wide variety of cannabis-infused sweets.

Why we love them: more than anything, we love Mindy’s mentality when it comes to her craft. According to the pastry chef: “I’m not the first chef to move into this space, and I won’t be the last, because food and cannabis go hand-in-hand. I got into the food business because I wanted to make people happy, basically, and cannabis is really no different. So, mixing the two should be a win-win situation. Don’t you think?” We think so, too. That’s why we can’t get enough of Mindy’s Edibles.


The brainchild of Badfish Extracts, California Cannabis, Reef Jerky is exactly what it sounds like, cannabis-infused beef jerky!

Why we love them: While most edibles tend to be on the sweet side, we love this option for those with more of a savory tooth instead of a sweet one. Flavors like Maui Waui and Firestorm are sure to be a unique addition to any stoner's snack pantry.


Odd Duck is an Oregon-based cannabis company offering organic Belgian THC and CBD-infused chocolate as well as gummies.

Why we love them: Odd Ducks is “no frills” and focuses on delivering delicious flavor and simplicity. We particularly love their unique take on everything cannabis edibles like their “square gummy bear” “just like a gummy bear in the shape of a square.”

Photos via Instagram.