5 On It: The Best Marijuana Home Grow Kits

Bluntness Team

People want to grow their own weed at home. Now, plenty of brands are cashing in on the home-grown boom and offering easy-to-use home grow kids. The kits come fully equipped to make your cannabis dreams come true … right in your living room.

Some of the best on the market:

HTG Supply

This product you can find on amazon and this is a very popular choice to consider. This tent is priced at $599.95 with free shipping and purchasing this is worth spending the money for. This has all the equipment products that are needed to grow your own plants, and all that is required is a power outlet to plug this into.

This kit includes all together the tent, 400-watt complete HPS grow light, rope ratchet light hangers, 120v timer, thermometer, nutrient combo pack, and several other add ons to grow the best bud.

Stealth Box

Designed to sit pretty (and undetected) in your living room, the Stealth Box offers organic, discreet weed grown by you.

This Canadian company includes everything you need with your grow box -- enough for 4 legal plants. You can scale up or down, depending on your plants. You can grow from either clone or seed and your weed will be ready to smoke within 12-16 weeks. And, this is real, real sleek.

HID Hydro Complete Tent System

Another high quality brand made from Growace is this 6.5 x 6.5 foot long tent. This is meant for those who are trying to make a lot of cannabis at one shot and the products included in this are high quality top notch products that are needed to get everything working correctly.

This can harvest up to twelve plants at a time, and this tent will be able to feed all twelve of your plants at the same time every day, so you don't need to worry about feeding time. This tent costs $1945.95 and carries free shipping.

Hydroponic Growing System

This product is meant for those who have professional experience and are looking for a high quality tent system that will do wonders in their cannabis growth.

Another product sold through Growace, this product is meant for those who are trying to make several cannabis trees at once and build a warehouse style room filled with buds. This product carries four different cool hood reflector lights to surround all of your buds, and several different types of bulbs that will make growing buds a lot easier for yourself. Each bulb carries a warranty on each, so if anything were to happen these can easily be replaced.

There is also a certain type of climate control that is provided for your buds to grow in a comfortable atmosphere, and with this growing kit, this will provide a comfort for your buds along with providing a satisfying outcome in the end. This product is priced at $2199.95 and also carries free shipping and is an excellent choice for those who already know what steps to take in order to grow the perfect bud.

Jack’s Grow Box

This product is meant for beginners who have little to none experience on growing bud. This tent is 3 x 3 feet and is priced at $363.41 with free shipping. This also provides all the materials and hardware to build your perfect buds.

The only thing that needs to be purchased separately are the nutrients and lights that can be purchased through this company. This also provides the temperature and the feeding times that are needed for your plants.

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