5 On It: The Most Creative Cannabis Consumption Products in the Market

Bluntness Team

Big money is pouring into the legal cannabis market in the U.S. -- which likely means more consumer spending on marijuana. As such, there's a cornucopia of innovative companies lining up to develop products and apparati aimed at creating a more pleasurable and convenient consumption experience. .

Keeping criteria like price point, customer satisfaction and overall ingenuity in mind, we’ve identified five companies with creative products that are upgrading and infusing the consumption experience with technology.

  1. Wisp is often called the Keurig for weed

Developed by Massachusetts-based startup CannaKorp, Wisp is a pod-based vaporizer system that works the same way as a Keurig coffee system: pop the pod in, and a minute later you take a pre-packaged vaporized puff.

  1. Ardent is a startup with one foot in cannabis and the other in med-tech

The company's Nova technology makes the process of decarboxylation -- or finding the right balance of heat and time to activate the THC in cannabis -- easy enough for at-home edibles creation. The idea is to give medical cannabis patients (who often can't smoke or inhale marijuana) a way to accurately dose their medicine with precise levels of THC concentration.

  1. Is DaVinci the David to Pax’s Goliath?

Cutting-edge vape companies could be a list unto themselves. With close to $50 million in funding, a mature product line, and plenty of Hollywood-fueled brand recognition, Pax Labs is the vape manufacturer to beat.

But there are plenty of other upstart vape companies making noise in the space. One that’s caught our eye is DaVinci, which offers a line of app-controlled vaporizers that can create unique temperature patterns customized for each user, based on how they inhale and the type of vapor they like.

  1. Oil Slick continues to be the go-to source for all non-stick dabbing supplies

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Oil Slick is known for creating high-quality silicone dab mats that allow users to protect their glass -- all while retaining 100% of the oil that would otherwise turn into a sticky mess..

Their products are not only great for oil producers and processors, but for everyday concentrate consumers -- which is why the company consistently wins awards for best product (including the 2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Seattle). In addition to dab mats and oil containers, Oil Slick sells durable silicone pipes that allow connoisseurs to travel out in the elements without having to worry about breaking their favorite piece.

  1. The Puffco Plus is essentially an on-the-go dab rig

Dubbed the "first-ever pocket nail," the Puffco Plus vape pen is capable of delivering a potent hit of concentrates with minimal effort. The mouthpiece also has a handy loading tool, which makes refilling the chamber a breeze. Since the heating element of the chamber does not include a coil that directly heats the concentrate, the Plus delivers a clean vape with no risk of burning.

Three heat settings allow users to hone in on their preferred temperature and regulate hit strength. And unlike other vapes, the Plus features a "continuous heat mode," allowing a constant 12-second hit without having to hold down the button — especially helpful when sharing with friends.

Of course, these five companies only represent a handful of the innovative products that are changing the way people consume cannabis. Creative options ranging from sub-lingual strips and transdermal patches, to suppositories and tampons continue to emerge -- and we’ll be on hand to test, review and report back on them all each quarter.