7 Athletes in Cannabis Who Are Making a Difference

Bluntness Team

There are a lot of professional athletes who have had a very hard time dealing with their injuries from the past, and these seven famous athletes-turned-innovators have stepped outside the playing field to change the narrative. Not only are they cashing in, but they are advocating for a cannabis-friendly world.

1. Ricky Williams

Former NFL star Ricky Williams saw a business opportunity in the marijuana industry, and he is running his own company where he makes and sells products that can help people recover from illness or injury. He is a big advocate of weed for athletes, especially those suffering from brain injuries. He’s even created the (very fun) 420 Games to raise awareness about the benefits of weed.

2. Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall is a free skier who has been through his ups and downs. However, he has talked openly about how he has recovered from the worst addictions of his life by using marijuana as a way to cope.

3. Nate Jackson

Former NFL player Nate Jackson wants people in the sports world to be more honest about how helpful marijuana can be to treat pain and depression. He’s a big fan and a big advocate.

4. Cliff Robinson

Former NBA player Cliff Robinson created the weed company Uncle Spliffy to help people (and athletes) live healthier lives.

5. Kyle Turley

Kyle Turley has openly said that marijuana saved his life. He was gripped by depression, pain, and anxiety. He had no way of dealing with the changes in his life that came after football, but he was able to use marijuana to medicate himself. He wants other players to know that there is a better option out there for them.

6. Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon was hit hard by brain injuries after his career was over, and he has long been a black sheep in the eyes of the NFL. However, he has been able to turn that into a positive by talking about marijuana, showing that it works, and working with older players who need a new way to get well. He wants to change lives so people do not need to deal with the pain he has encountered.

7. Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz is the former Strikeforce champion who has been using marijuana for some time to recover from the pain that he feels after so many years of fighting in the MMA arena. He wants other people to realize it can make a difference.

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